When shopping for your shiny new HDTV, you might get distracted from the accessories that matter. Put the finishing touches on your home theater with these important accessories that can increase your enjoyment and help protect your investment.

Quality HDMI Cables
  • Carries uncompressed high-definition digital audio and video.
  • HDMI supports all high-definition resolutions.
  • All-in-one, slim cord eliminates need for separate audio and video cable.
  • Prevents a room-full of cables that can be unattractive and unsafe.
Wall Mounts
  • Allows you to take full advantage of the slim profile of your new flat-panel.
  • Saves floor space and lends cinematic look to your home theater.
  • Turns wall into work of art when viewing photos from a PC link-up.
  • Tilt mounts let you tilt HDTV to increase viewing angles and prevent glare.
HDTV Stands
  • Perfect solution when wall mounting is not possible.
  • Stands come in a wide variety of stained wood, brushed steel or even glass.
  • Choose among triangular corner models, cabinet styles.
  • Versions with shelves can accommodate your content devices and other gear.
Universal Convenience
TVs. DVRs. AV receivers. Controlling your home entertainment isn’t as easy as it used to be. Many living rooms today are cluttered with remotes, and juggling them all can frustrate even the "experts".
Put all of your remotes in the drawer. With many of the universal remotes available today, you can enjoy one-touch access to your entertainment. Just press a single button, and the remote will do the work for you.

Control Your Entire System with Just One Remote
Throw away the cheat sheet for all those remotes and get intuitive control over all your home entertainment components. Just choose the activity that you want and go.

Surge Suppressors
  • Designed to prevent damage to your HDTV due to variations in power supply.
  • Necessary to help protect and extend the lifespan of your HDTV.
  • Look for surge-protected coaxial, telephone/modem and network connectors.
  • Check the number of outlets available and if they accept block-style plugs.
Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • A UPS works to maintain a continuous supply of power to your devices.
  • Acts as a surge suppressor as well as a battery backup power system.
  • Recommended for devices that require support through brownouts and blackouts.
  • Check the number of outlets available and if they accept block-style plugs.