Enhance Your Parental Control Options
Take a look at these software programs that can provide unique features to supplement Windows 7 Parental Controls or assist families using other Windows operating systems. 

Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Family Safety is a free download which provides a set of controls to help parents manage which websites their children can visit and who they can communicate with when they’re using Windows Live Spaces, Hotmail and Messenger.

Top features of Family Safety are:

  • Web filters permit parents to limit searches, monitor and block or allow websites
  • Individual logins for each child means you can customize filter settings and you get different reports and filters for each child
  • Activity reports generated for parents so that they can monitor their kids’ activities
  • Remote management of parental controls. Parents can change settings or manage filters anywhere parents are online — on the PC, the web or mobile phone
  • Integration of Windows 7 Parental Controls
This is great for web filtering, remote management and activity monitoring, plus contact management for households that use Windows Live (Hotmail, Messenger and Spaces).

imSAFER™ can help stop the development of inappropriate relationships online by monitoring online chats and social networking in real time.

Top Feature

The imSAFER language analysis engine understands English, IM-speak, slang and even let. Regular language engine updates help protect against new predatory or bullying tactics.

This is great for parents with chat-friendly kids who don't want to look through every IM conversation.


ChildSafe monitors application usage with a scheduling software to manage specific applications.

Top features of ChildSafe are:

  • Robust controls limit website access based on any combination of over 60 content categories, specific site addresses or keywords
  • Temporary passwords allow single-use time extensions so that kids aren't locked out of the web when doing time-sensitive schoolwork or projects

This is great for parents with very specific content guidelines, and parents of kids with specific curricula.