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Why look to Dell for client systems management? We deliver the most manageable commercial end-user devices in the industry. Dell provides automation tools that make deploying, configuring, monitoring and updating your systems faster and easier for the lifetime of your devices - up to five generations. These automated tools and utilities help you drive efficiencies throughout the PC lifecycle so you get:

Faster deployments

With best-in-class integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), you spend less time on deployments with automated tools that reduce time-consuming steps. For example, just importing drivers takes 17 fewer steps with Dell’s SCCM plug-ins compared to the process without these tools. This simplification translates to as much as an hour of savings per PC. You can read more in this white paper.

When it comes to deploying your operating system, we give you a single customized file containing all you need to complete the task, so you don’t have to spend time searching websites for the right drivers. In addition, you can get ahead of the game by configuring BIOS and TPM beforehand. And Dell’s flexible BIOS configuration allows you to build reusable templates for automated deployment or script your own via Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

Better monitoring

Our monitoring tools enable you to collect deep inventory information, enforce policies and maintain the health of your Dell systems throughout their lifetimes. For example, Dell Client Integration Pack features a Warranty Utility that lets you retrieve Dell warranty information for a list of systems specified by their service tags, rather than having to manually identify systems and warranty information in a separate database.

In addition, our unique Intel vPro extensions can help you remotely discover, monitor and inventory assets - like battery health - regardless of operating system status.

Easier updates

The process of keeping your systems up to date with the latest BIOS, drivers and firmware can be daunting. We simplify this task with easy-to-use tools for automating updates. Dell updates are customized, packaged and delivered right to you, ready to roll out. You can easily install updates in one click or with scheduled downloads.

In addition, Dell’s Intel vPro extensions give you one-to-many management capabilities so you can update your entire fleet of systems at once - whether they’re powered on or off. You can also protect the network by taking virus-infected systems offline to patch, so you can stop malware right where it starts. And you can even protect corporate data on a lost or stolen device by remotely wiping the hard drive.

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