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Dell SupportAssist – proactive automated support tool 

Dell™ SupportAssist, integrated with Dell OpenManage Essentials systems management console, remotely monitors your enterprise environment and enables proactive support. Dell’s robust and easy to use support technology provides faster time-to-resolution and minimal involvement — reducing downtime, improving productivity and letting you get back to critical business.

This new capability delivers rich features, including remote monitoring, automated log and configuration data collection and case creation, failure notifications and parts replacement. Transform to a proactive support model and shift resources from maintenance to momentum. Download it or learn more today!

Download SupportAssist with OpenManage Essentials

Dell SupportAssist — proactive automated support tool

Dell System E-support Tool collects hardware, storage, operating system, and pertinent log details from a server into a report useful for accurately troubleshooting issues with Dell PowerEdge and direct-attached Dell PowerVault. This information is consolidated into a single zip file to facilitate fast, simple transport to Dell.

  • Provide a DSET package that supports Dell HW and supported operating environments for the Dell Enterprise install base, as well as currently shipping (or ready to ship) products
  • Collect pertinent information available for servers, software and storage (including tape)
  • Provide a fully supported product deliverable, available on support.dell.com
  • Provide a more reliable and user-friendly method to transport result files to Dell
  • Provide efficiencies, additional code hardening and exception handling to allow unattended execution in all supported environments

Download DSET for Windows    Download DSET for Linux 32 Bit   Download DSET for Linux 64 Bit

Online Diagnostics 
  • Dell Online Diagnostics provides comprehensive, cross-platform (Windows/Linux/ESX) hardware diagnostics for Dell PowerEdge and PowerVault products. "Hardware diagnostics" are targeted tests designed to determine functionality of specific system hardware components or peripherals. The purpose of targeted diagnostic testing is: 
    a) to identify, during issue troubleshooting, if a hardware failure exists and isolate it down to a single, "lowest-level" Field Replaceable or Customer Replaceable Unit (FRU or CRU)
    b) to exonerate the hardware from fault.    
  • Online Diagnostics is intended to be a stand-alone application with a small footprint that is available on the Dell Open Manage DVDs or downloadable from the Dell Support website. A "small footprint" means that Online Diagnostics
    • Is intended to have the smallest reasonable file size that accommodates necessary functionality.
    • Installs quickly from within an operating system with a minimum or no "hooks" into the system (registry entries, dynamic-link libraries and others).
    • Can be run immediately after installation with no configuration or reboot required.
    • Is comprised of a graphical user interface, a command line interface and diagnostic client.
Download Online Diags for Windows  Download Online Diags for Linux  Download Online Diags for VMWare ESX4

Dell 32-Bit Diagnostics 

Dell 32-Bit Diagnostics are designed to verify proper operation of the hardware in your Dell PowerEdge or Dell PowerEdge C system outside of a high-level operating system environment.

The downloadable files can be used to create bootable media (diskette, CD or USB flash drive) or to update a diagnostic utility partition from which you can run these diagnostics.

Download Dell 32-Bit Diagnostics

Dell Lasso

Dell Lasso is a free-standing storage area network (SAN) Collection tool that collects pertinent hardware and software configuration and problem details from the target SAN-attached servers, EqualLogic, Dell EMC Storage, Fibre Channel Switch and Fibre Channel Tape Libraries, including array chassis hardware, BIOS/firmware levels, direct-attached serial attached SCSI (SAS) storage, detailed operating system configuration and various software and hardware log files. This information is consolidated into a single zip file that is encrypted to facilitate fast, simple transport to Dell. The collection tool helps Enterprise Technical Support and SAN Maintenance teams acquire detailed knowledge of the customer’s current storage solution configuration and state to accurately troubleshoot reported storage solution problems, and to provide accurate software and hardware updates for SAN maintenance contracts.

Download Lasso