Help Me Choose: Alienware Command Center

Alienware Command Center provides intuitive, user-friendly access to functional applications that are unique to Alienware platforms. The modular design enables the overall experience to be tailored to the platform design and includes modules such as AlienFX lighting effects, AlienAdrenaline and AlienFusion power management. Alienware TactX offers advanced macro key controls. Updates and new releases download directly into Command Center, creating a constantly evolving tool for personalizing your system.
AlienFX lighting — This unique lighting system enables you to choose from an array of color and transition effects. Choose from 20 colors to customize the effects across several distinct zones. As there are 9 zones, this means 512 trillion possible lighting combinations.

AlienFX is Alienware’s exclusive lighting control system that allows users to create their own custom lighting and special effects for a truly unique and personalized look.

AlienFX allows users to create, edit and save their own custom themes. Users can also select from several preset themes already available on their systems.

Lighting Effects and Programmable Events
Customization options are endless with a color palette of 20 colors and an array of lighting zones to apply them to. Users can also set up special lighting effects and program events through the AlienFX basic and advanced mode control panels. Several zones can be set to morph from one color to another, set to pulse to a specific tempo or remain solid. Additionally, users can program zones to alert them of specific events in the advanced mode control panel. For example, a user could program the Alienware logo to flash rapidly in yellow to alert them of a new email so that while they are gaming or running other applications, they will know a new email has arrived based on the lighting effect they set. Users can also set lighting effects to specific applications so that when the application is the active window, the user-defined zones automatically change color, morph or flash until the application window is minimized or closed. With so many possible color combinations and special effects, users will never run out of customization options.

AlienFX-Enabled Games
For years, Alienware has been working closely with game developers to incorporate interactive AlienFX custom lighting effects on over 55* game titles, a list that is continuously growing with top-tier titles. Users can either enable or disable AlienFX-enhanced game titles to automatically launch their customized themes on AlienFX-enabled systems or peripherals for immediate gameplay. These custom AlienFX themes add another level of immersion by providing lighting effects to alert gamers of specific in-game events and in-game lighting and special effects. For example, special lighting effects can be based on health levels, like green morphing to yellow then orange and then to red signifying a reduction in health status. They can also be based on the type of in-game environment the gamer is in. With a dedicated team on task, Alienware continues to work with game developers to bring even more game titles supporting AlienFX special lighting effects to market for an unquestionably immersive experience.

AlienAdrenaline — Assign a unique profile to each game on your system with AlienAdrenaline’s game mode feature. Game mode can close unnecessary programs and activate your music player when you launch one game, or bring up key web links when you launch another.
  • Game mode custom game and application launcher
  • Accelerator performance optimizer
  • In-game and system performance monitoring
AlienAdrenaline is one of Alienware Command Center’s most valuable tools featuring a custom game and application launcher, a system performance optimizer and a performance monitoring tool. AlienAdrenaline provides users all the tools they need to keep one step ahead of their competition.

Game Mode
AlienAdrenaline’s game mode enables gamers to create countless custom shortcuts that launch games with user-defined system environments and sequences of actions. Game mode gives users the ability to customize how they want their games or applications to launch including what AlienFX theme to implement, what voice over IP (VoIP) they want for the specific game, what web pages or applications they want opened or closed when the game launches and several other functions all listed below.
  • AlienFX — to apply a specific AlienFX theme for the specified game or to enable the specified game’s AlienFX custom lighting effects
  • Accelerator — to give the user’s system a speed and performance boost within the specified game
  • Performance Monitoring — to enable a recording session of the system’s performance for the specified game
  • Media Player — to apply a media player that they want to associate with a specific game
  • Audio Output — to apply a specific audio device for the specified game
  • In-Game Monitoring — to apply a game monitoring application that they want to associate with the specified game
  • VoIP (Chat) — to apply a VoIP application to associate with the specified game
  • Web Links — to launch specific website(s) when the specified game is launched
  • Power Plan — to enable a specific power plan to associate with the specified game

AlienAdrenaline’s Accelerator frees up system resources to yield more focused performance on whichever game or application it is applied to via game mode. Accelerator ends process trees for Windows-based applications and services that are classified and deemed as unnecessary to give the system a boost in speed and performance within the specific game mode(s) applied. This new feature doesn’t permanently alter the system’s configuration or uninstall any software or programs — it merely "sheds some weight" temporarily and then returns to its original state once the user exits the game or application it was applied to. This instant performance booster gives users the ability to maximize and optimize their game or application’s performance with a simple click.

Performance Monitoring
AlienAdrenaline’s performance monitoring tool provides a graphical representation of hard drive, system memory, network, processor and graphics card usage. Using this feature, users can track system performance and identify root causes for bottlenecks while playing a game or running resource-intensive applications.
Alien Adrenaline
Alien Adrenaline
Alien Adrenaline
Alien Adrenaline  Alien Adrenaline    
AlienTouch — Customize your touch pad’s sensitivity to prevent accidental contact and activate virtual scrolling to enable vertical and horizontal scrolling with just a touch.

AlienTouch gives users access to a series of advanced touch pad control options. Users can customize their touch pad’s sensitivity to prevent accidental contact while typing, modify functions like "tap and drag" and even activate and customize their virtual scrolling options to enable vertical and horizontal scrolling with simple gestures.

Users can customize their tapping setting to either enable "tap and drag" or "locking drags" or disable tapping gestures completely. This menu also gives users the option to disable the touch pad automatically whenever an external USB mouse is plugged into the system.

The sensitivity controls allow the user to customize the touch pad’s sensitivity to a lighter or heavier touch according to their personal preference. They can also decrease the touch pad’s sensitivity to the palm of their hand so that it ignores or is less sensitive to their palm’s contact to the touch pad to avoid their mouse pointer from jumping across their screen as is often experienced when typing on a laptop’s keyboard.

Virtual Scrolling
AlienTouch provides yet another level of touch pad customization by providing users multiple-gesture scrolling options. Users can choose to enable vertical and horizontal scrolling gestures and then customize the size of the vertical and horizontal scrolling regions to a setting that works best for them. Users can also choose a long distance scrolling preferences such as circular scrolling or coasting to suit their preference as well.

The Alienware TactX controls give users the ability to create and execute commands in just seconds through 4 fully programmable macro keys located above the system’s number pad.

User-Programmable Macro Keys
With the TactX macro key controls, users have the option to assign different types of functions to each of the macro keys, also referred to as C-Keys. Users can also access all of their macros through the Macro Manager where they can create, edit or delete macros for the C-Keys.

Users can assign a …

  • Macro or Keystroke — series of keystrokes to a C-Key to use in a game or application
  • Function — one of five preset functions such as email, web, media player, calculator and my computer to a C-Key
  • Shortcut — shortcut to a C-Key for fast access to a program or specific website
  • Text Block — custom text, for example a message communication, which gets converted to a sequence of keystrokes when the designated C-Key is pressed

Importing and Exporting Profiles
The TactX macro key controls allow users to create and save their settings as profiles. Once the user creates one or more profiles, they can choose the desired profile from the import/export profiles option, located above the macro key settings, based on the specific game they created the profile for or they can restore nongaming profiles for their day-to-day personal use of their system. The TactX macro key application also allows the users to import macro profiles or export the macro profiles they have created to share with friends and teammates or through social media channels and forums.

Alienware’s AlienFusion power management controls gives users the freedom to decide when they need maximum performance for resource-intensive tasks and hardcore gaming or when to scale back for less intensive daily tasks to increase their system’s energy efficiency and battery life while on the go.

Quick Settings
Quick settings give the user easy access to select from preset power options like high performance, balanced or power-saving modes and offer an easy interface to fine-tune those settings to fit their needs.

Advanced Settings
AlienFusion’s advanced settings mode allows users the ultimate control over how they want individual components in their system to behave while running on specific power modes, like adjusting the behavior of their wireless adapter or graphics processor while the system is running in a specific power mode.

Custom Power Plans
As a bonus to the quick and advanced power management controls, users have the ability to create unlimited power plans to suit their different needs. For example, some users may choose to tweak their settings at a component level in the advanced settings mode to optimize the gameplay for a specific online game they play. The user can easily assign a name to their new custom power plan and easily modify and save it as a custom power option under the My Power Plans section of the AlienFusion interface.