Help Me Choose: Liquid Cooling

High-performance CPU liquid cooling
Keeping the Aurora cool is key for component longevity and performance. All Aurora systems come equipped with CPU liquid cooling that enables reduced system acoustics, improved heat transfer and greater overclocking potential than traditional heatsinks and fans. For even lower CPU temperatures and less fan noise, upgrade to the optional Premium CPU Liquid Cooling solution (premium solution comes standard with ALX chassis upgrade).
Attribute Standard CPU
Liquid Cooling Solution
Premium Liquid
Cooling Solution


ColdplateMicro-channel aluminumGen 4, Ultra-dense,
Copper micro-channel
  • Higher performance, split-flow design for improved heat transfer
  • Removes roughly twice the heat as stock cold plate
120mm HEX

1" thick

1.5" thick

  • Higher-performance radiator.
  • 50% Larger surface area provides more efficient heat rejection

Pump Assembly

Standard Height

Latest Low Profile

  • Most efficient heat transfer design available
  • Better chassis airflow
Tube fittingsFixedSwivel
  • Cleaner tube routing
Relative comparisonAdequate CPU cooling
(keeps processor in spec – even with moderate overclocking)
  • Significantly lower noise at similar CPU temps
  • 8-9° C lower CPU temps at similar noise levels
  • Less fan noise
  • Lower CPU temperatures
  • Better overall gaming system and experience
  • Extended component life