Help Me Choose: Monitor

Desktop monitors are much slimmer, lighter and more energy efficient than the bulky monitors of years past. Now they are stylish flat panels that offer many features to match your display needs.

To choose the right monitor type for you, consider how you use your PC and what you’ll be viewing on your monitor.

• If you use your PC to play video games or for professional photography, graphic design and other intensive   tasks that require high-definition viewing, choose an UltraSharp monitor.
• If you use your PC for viewing multimedia such as movies and TV shows, creating presentations and spreadsheets or editing photos, choose an S Series monitor.
• If you use your PC to surf the web, email and create Word documents, choose an IN Series monitor.

To learn more about the monitor series, features and adapters, use the tabs below. 
Dell UltraSharp MonitorsS Series MonitorsE Series Monitors Professional Series Monitors 
UltraSharp Monitor
Dell UltraSharp Monitor
Best-in-class performance
S Series Monitor
S Series Monitor
More viewable screen content and multimedia features 

E Series Monitors
Reliable and efficient monitors that offer essential features for home and business 
Professional Series Monitors

Where performance meets comfort 
Recommended for:

Casual gamer

Professional photography

Graphic design

Engineering/technical applications

High-precision display needs
Recommended for:

Casual multimedia and photo editing


Presentation creation

Recommended for:


Demanding power users and designers
Recommended for:

  • Highly detailed work
  • High-definition imagery
  • PremierColor accuracy
  • Award-winning technology
  • Wider screens for multiple windows
  • Several port options for multimedia connectivity
  • Full high-definition resolution for cinematic picture quality
  • Simple to use and easy to set up
  • Easy and smooth tilt functionality
  • Quality monitoring and rigorous development stages
  • Meets the latest environmental and regulatory standards
  • Full adjustability features like tilt, pivot, height adjust and swivel.
  • Wide range of analog and digital ports and cables – DisplayPort, VGA, USB.
  • Full HD resolution with 178°/178°ultra-wide viewing angle
  • Meets latest environmental standards
Suggested Models:

22" — U2212HM
23" — U2312HM
24" — U2412M
24" — U2413
27'' — U2713HM
29" — U2913WM
30" — U3014
Suggested Models:
22" — S2240L
23" Touch — S2340T
23" — S2340L
23" — S2240T
24" — S2440L
27" — S2740L
Suggested Models:

19" — E1914H
20" — E2014H, E2014T
24" — E2414H
Suggested Models:

22" — P2214H
23" — P2314H
24" — P2414H
27" — P2714H
Names  UltraSharp™ ST & UltraSlim SeriesE Series Professional Series 
  • VGA
  • DVI
  • HDMI*
  • DisplayPort
  • USB Ports
  • U2713HM with HDMI*

    * Only on U2413, U2913WM, U3014

    • VGA*
    • DVI**
    • HDMI***
    • USB****
    • DisplayPort, Ethernet Headphones
    • Microphone*****

    * S2240L, S2340L/M, S2440L, S2740L only
    ** S2240M, S2340M, S2740L only
    *** S2240L, S2340L, S2440L, S2740L
    **** S2340T and S2740L only
    ***** S2340T only
    • VGA
    • DVI*


    *E2014H,E2213H, E2323H, E2414
    • VGA
    • USB
    Tilt, swivel and height adjustable  Yes NoYesYes
    Wide angle viewing with IPS technology YesYes NoYes 
     PremierColor technologyYes No  No No
    Premium panel guarantee:
    No dead pixels
    Yes No NoYes
    Glossy screen No  Yes No No
    Some Dell monitors are designed for special functionality and entertainment. Read below to learn about this unique Dell monitor — our multi-touch ST2340T, designed to let your fingers scroll, tap, drag, stretch and more. 

    What is it?

    • Dell’s first Windows® 8-compatible multi-touch monitor
    What makes it different?
    • The S2340T monitor allows up to 10 multi-touch points.
    • It has a multiposition articulating stand that can tilt 10° forward and all the way backward until laid flat.
    • It comes with Full HD integrated web camera, dual microphone and 2 integrated 5 W speakers.
    • Includes image-enhance feature, which improves the clarity and colors of your images on screen.
    • Offers USB cable* — a plug-and-play cable solution to PC devices, which easily enables touch functionality on screen without the use of a traditional docking station.
      • Connections include: HDMI, DisplayPort, (2) USB 3.0, Ethernet, headphones and microphone
    When attempting to connect your monitor to a laptop, you may encounter a variety of ports. These include VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort options. On, you’ll find a variety of adapters to help you connect your laptop to any monitor.

    Read below to learn more about a few of the different types of adapters. 
    Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter Connect your laptop with a mini DisplayPort to your monitor’s VGA port. 
    DisplayPort to VGA AdapterConnect your laptop with a DisplayPort to your monitor’s VGA port.
    DisplayPort to HDMI™ AdapterConnect your laptop with a DisplayPort to an HDMI port on your monitor or television. 
    DisplayPort to DVI Adapter Connect your laptop with a DisplayPort to your monitor’s DVI port.