Help Me Choose: Waves MaxxAudio and JBL Speakers

Today’s laptop is more than just a computer — it’s a full-blown entertainment system. That’s why when we designed the new Dell™ XPS™ laptops, we teamed up with Waves and JBL to give you studio-quality sound — wherever you go. Together, we combined advanced technologies, cutting-edge components, and years of industry leadership and expertise to create the ultimate computer sound experience.

JBL leverages its six decades of experience making speakers and audio equipment for concert halls and other public venues to create audio equipment and components for premium-branded audio laptops, such as the revolutionary Dell™ XPS™ line. You can enjoy a movie, sporting event or concert as part of a huge crowd or within the privacy of your laptop — either way, you can catch all the sounds with superb clarity through genuine JBL® technology, design and performance.

Waves — the world’s leading developer of professional audio digital signal processing technologies — is heard on hit records, major motion pictures and popular video games the world over. Waves® Pro Audio tools are endorsed by many of the biggest names in show business, including Comedy Central’s South Park and 50+ million-selling rockers Linkin Park.

Whether playing a game, watching a movie, listening to music or using online voice communication, you expect high performance and maximum versatility. Dell XPS™ laptops, powered by Waves and JBL, deliver.

Thanks to Waves MaxxAudio, your new laptop delivers bigger, better sound, with higher highs and lower lows, and a wider stereo field. In fact, the same Waves processors that are used to mix and master movies, music and video games are behind the sound in these XPS laptops.

MaxxBass: Bigger Bass
MaxxBass patented virtual subwoofer technology uses the science of psycho-acoustics to deliver deep, thundering lows that you can really feel.
MaxxTreble: Crystal Clear Highs
MaxxTreble high-frequency enhancement lets you hear every nuance of your music and movies with crisp, breathtaking detail and unparalleled clarity.
MaxxEQ: Full Spectrum Equalization
With 25 custom-tunes presets for musical genres as well as content types such as streaming media, lectures and games, MaxEQ’s 10-band graphics equalizer delivers warm sound, giving you the power to shape your sound with precision and hear the music exactly as your favorite artists meant it to be heard.
MaxxStereo: Wide Stereo Spread
Based on Waves professional audio S1 Stereo Imager, MaxxStereo widens the stereo spread, so you get the best seat in the house, every time.
MaxxDialog: Powerful Dialog Booster
MaxxDialog lets you adjust dialog levels in movies and games, relative to the music, backgrounds and special effects, so you can bring the dialog up front and center — where you want it.
MaxxVolume: Loud and Clear Sound
MaxxVolume four-way dynamic control delivers maximum volume and clarity without distortion, perfect for critical online communications where you need to hear clearly with natural voice quality.
MaxxLeveler: Smooth, Steady Levels
MaxxLeveler eliminates volume between different sources so finally you can fully experience soft scenes and loud action sequences alike — without having to reach for the volume knob.

Best of all, MaxxAudio is fully customizable — personalize, store and dial up your own precision presets. And with a touch of your finger, the exclusive Waves button on your XPS laptop gives you instant access to the MaxxAudio interface. The ultimate laptop sound is only a touch away!