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Help Me Choose: Support Package

Your Dell purchase is an investment and you want to protect it. No matter what you need, there’s a Dell service to help you get it. Additional upgrade service packages are available as well. Take a look at the services outlined here and find the package and duration that suits you best.
Your Dell system comes with America's Best Standard Support, which includes 1 year of Premium Phone Support plus 1-year In-Home Service and Remote Diagnosis*. Additional service packages are available that allow you to extend your support and upgrade your protection. How many years of support and protection are right for you?

In-Home Service After Remote Diagnosis*, Premium Phone Support and Accidental Damage Service*
Dell's Premium Protection Package lets you rest easy with the knowledge that no matter what issues you encounter, you are in good hands.

In-Home Service After Remote Diagnosis* If your system's issue is covered by Dell Limited Hardware Warranty* and that issue cannot be resolved remotely, this service enables you to have a technician and/or parts dispatched to your home, usually in 1–2 business days following remote diagnosis.  In home services 
    Premium Phone Support — With Dell Premium Phone Support, you’ll get support for your operating system and common software applications, plus issues relating to anti-virus setup, data transfer, backup and wireless network device setup. Whether the software is preinstalled or purchased separately, Dell has you covered.
  • Get expert support: Speak to an advanced technician.
  • Faster call answering times than standard phone support.
  • Software assistance:
    • “Step-by-step” support for Dell-branded software
    • Simple “how-to” instructions for software applications in the following categories: browser, email, productivity, financial, internet browser, photo/video editing, DVD or PDF creation, and software such as Windows 7, Microsoft Office, McAfee® AntiVirus, Quicken® and Adobe® Photoshop®
    • We will help you install, uninstall and reinstall all other software purchased from Dell not listed in above categories
  • Getting started with anti-virus: Let us help in setting up your anti-virus software and scheduling automated scans. Excludes virus or spyware removal.
  • Need help with your operating system? Dell can help you restore your system back to the original factory settings.
  • Connect your computer to existing networks: We’ll help you with wired or wireless networks. Excludes setting up a new network.
  • Connect your peripherals to your computer: Assistance to help you connect a printer or peripheral to your computer. Excludes advanced Bluetooth® or WiFi connections.
  • Need help with data transfer or backup? We provide you simple “how-to” instructions to transfer files to your new computer or perform data backup.
 Premium Phone Support
  • Accidental Damage Service* — No matter how careful you are, accidents may happen. Help protect your laptop against the dangers of everyday use. Accidental Damage Service provides repair or replacement of your system for accidents, not otherwise covered by the Limited Hardware Warranty,* including:
  • Electrical surges and screen breaks — Repair or replacement of your computer in the event of an unforeseen electrical surge or accidental display break or damage.
  • Liquid spills — Repair or replacement of your computer in the event of an accidental liquid spill on or in unit.
  • Accidental drops and falls — Repair or replacement of your computer in the event of accidental drops, falls or other accidental collision.
Accidental damage Services 

Got a question?
We've taken some of the most frequently asked questions about our services and posted answers below for your convenience.
Q. Does my computer come with a hardware warranty?

A. Yes, every system comes standard with Dell's 12-month Limited Hardware Warranty.* For laptops, Dell provides 10–14 Day Mail-in Repair Service After Remote Diagnosis option. Please select one of the Dell service plans in order to obtain In-Home Repair Service After Remote Diagnosis.* This Limited Hardware Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in your Dell-branded hardware products. Your Limited Hardware Warranty covers all of the component parts on your system, including, but not limited to, the motherboard, hard drive, LCD display, optical drive, graphics card, processor, touch pad, power supply and fan assemblies. For more information about what is covered under your Limited Hardware Warranty, please go to www.dell.com/warranty
Q. I don't want to spend the money now; so is it possible to buy a Dell extended Limited Hardware Warranty* and service plan later?

A. Yes, you may upgrade or extend your Dell service plan at a later date, but you must do so prior to the expiration of your Limited Hardware Warranty. Dell recommends upgrading now in order to take advantage of the lower prices offered at the time you purchase a new system. 
Q. What if I need additional support such as computer setup, usage, internet configuration, software, home networking, data transfer and backup, how-to, education, email setup and OS installation?

A. Free self-help assistance is available 24x7 at dell.com/support. Dell continuously works to improve its website. In case you require additional assistance solving any of the issues mentioned above, Dell has highly capable professionals ready to assist you for a fee. Additional information on Dell's fee-based support services is available at dell.com/consumerservices.
Q. What if my Dell product is out of warranty? Am I still able to have the product serviced by Dell?

Yes, Dell is able to service most out-of-warranty products. Please know you will be required to pay a fee for the diagnosis and resolution. If Dell's remote diagnosis professional determines your product has a hardware issue, then you will be responsible for the purchase of all replacement hardware. Rest assured that Dell stocks the spare parts for almost all out-of-warranty problems. From memory to hard drives to LCD displays, Dell has you covered to replace your out-of-warranty hardware issues. Your Dell remote diagnosis professional will help you with your purchase.
Q. What if I need technical support while I am traveling internationally?

If you are traveling with your laptop system, assistance is available for selected portable systems.
Q. Does this coverage extend to the peripherals in my home such as my printer, internet router and so on?

Dell Limited Hardware Warranty,* service and support extend only to Dell-branded peripherals. Dell service plans do not extend to protect the hardware and setup of third-party peripherals. Dell's remote diagnosis professionals will assist you to validate whether your computer's internal components are working and are enabled to connect to your printer, internet router and other materials. 
Q. What does remote diagnosis* mean?

Remote diagnosis* is a determination of the cause of your issue by an online/phone technician and may involve customer access to the inside of system and multiple or extended sessions. If the issue is covered by the Limited Hardware Warranty* and not resolved remotely, depending on the service plan in effect, either a dispatch to a Dell depot facility will be arranged for your system or a technician and/or part will be dispatched to your home or office, usually in one or two business days following completion of remote diagnosis. Availability varies. Other conditions apply. For complete details about your service plan, visit www.dell.com/servicecontracts 
Q. I'm confused by the term "Repair Services".  What does this mean and how exactly does this work?

If Alienware determines one of your computer components needs repair, then "Repair Services" refers to the manner in which your computer will be fixed. For easy repairs that you can do on your own, Alienware will simply send the part to you by mail and you will be required to return the defective part to us in the included return packaging within 10 days of your receipt of the replacement part. For complex repairs, Alienware will either repair your computer at a depot facility or in your home/office. If you have selected any of our service plans that include In-Home Service After Remote Diagnosis,* then Dell will send the repair part directly to a field technician. The field technician will then call you to arrange an appointment for your In-Home/office repair. Before you ship any product(s) to us, make sure to back up the data on the hard drive(s) and any other storage device(s) in the product(s). Remove any confidential, proprietary or personal information and removable media such as floppy disks, CDs or PC cards. Dell is not responsible for any of your confidential, proprietary or personal information, lost or corrupted data, or damaged or lost removable media.