Deploying Power and Cooling

A Pragmatic Approach to the Challenge

Availability is of the utmost importance to your business. Disruption of IT services is not an option. Availability and efficiency can go together in the data center. With a holistic view of the entire data center, you can ensure an efficient and sustainable facility. Efficient IT and power-delivery equipment; effective, node-level power management and cooling containment; a virtual-ready infrastructure — all play critical roles in a strategic power and cooling plan.

Mitigate the risk associated with deploying power and cooling tactics with the full complement of Dell solutions designed to manage the risk associated with planned downtime and recovery from planned outages and reduce recovery time from days to minutes.

Solutions and Technologies

  • Virtualization — increase availability and maintain business continuity
  • PowerEdge™ servers with Dell™ Active Power Controller (DAPC) — provide an OS-agnostic power-management capability designed to save you money by lowering the system-level power draw at times of low utilization
  • Redundant, scalable blade servers — provide best in price, performance and ease of installation, and testing according to InfoWorld's 2010 Blade Shootout against HP and IBM
  • Systems management — Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC), Dell Management Console (DMC):
    • iDRAC — manage remote access, server availability, security (only enables authorized use/levels of authority)
    • DMC — proactively notifies you of issues before they become crucial — fan events, hot spots, individual component failure — simpler approach means greater productivity and efficiency
  • Redundancy and backup storage — implement disaster recovery for mission-critical data, backup for all data, mitigation planning and right-speed access by choosing the right storage
  • Cooling — turn up the overall temperature and turn down the airflow to cool efficiently and wisely and simplify IT with containment
  • Power needs — understand your peak capacity consumption and size your infrastructure accordingly. Do not overprovision — instead, grow your power delivery capability as your IT load grows. Be prepared for availability issues and match your equipment needs to your budget and your minimum requirements.

Dell Services

  • Dell ProConsult™ — for data center assessment, commissioning, disaster recovery and data protection
  • Dell ProManage™ — for email management services
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