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  1. dci-rack-infrastructure-effects-on-thermal-performance-of-a-server.pdf

    Rack Infrastructure Effects on Thermal Performance of a Server

    Focus: Quantify and analyze impact of Cable Management Arm and doors of IT equipment rack on airflow through a 1U server. Results: Rack doors and CMA were each in the three percent range and did not have a concerning impact on the performance of the server.

  2. dci-Data-Center-Operating-Temperature-Dell-Recommendation.pdf

    Data Center Operating Temperature: What Does Dell Recommend?

    There is lots of hype these days about operating your data center at higher temperatures. You may be asking several questions regarding this topic: How much does it save and do the savings outweigh the risks? What temperature should I target? This paper addresses the theory that although an increase in IT inlet temperatures enables energy savings in the cooling process, it might be that the increased fan power associated with higher IT inlet temperatures might negate the facility efficiency advantages. What we found confirmed the hypothesis: there is a “sweet spot” operating temperature when you are using mechanical means to cool your data center.

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