Audio and Visual

Audio and visual technology has come a long way since the days of overhead projectors and plastic transparencies. Today, teachers engage students with exciting, dynamic lessons using interactive technologies.

Dell provides the following audio-visual technologies as part of your overall connected learning solution:
  • Dell projectors allow teachers to project images, so the entire class can participate. Dell’s short-throw projectors are ideal for classrooms, small conference rooms and offices. Our interactive short-throw projectors allow interaction with the projected content using Intel®-powered computers so teachers can fully engage students. Dell also offers a variety of standard and high definition (HD) projectors.
  • Document cameras give teachers the ability to project 3D and moving objects, as well as paper-based documents. Teachers can capture learning as it takes place with the document camera's freeze, record and playback options, or can connect the camera to a microscope.
  • Classroom amplification systems vastly improve a teacher’s vocal clarity, so children in the back of the classroom hear as clearly as those in the front. These systems also connect to other classroom devices — such as computers or MP3 players — and combine input with the teacher’s voice.
  • A/V control systems give teachers the ability to manage control of all audio and visual devices in a classroom from one place. These systems combine in-room control with LAN-based asset management environments.
  • A/V accessories include A/V mountsprojection screens and cables
To learn more about Dell's audio and visual technologies, contact a Dell representative now.
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    The Dell S500wi Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector

    Interact with content on screen and off screen with a variety of advanced, easy-to-use features at a great price using the Dell S500wi Interactive Ultra Short Throw projector.