Is Your I/O Future-Ready?

QLogic offers Dell customers I/O that is Future-Ready. Whether your SAN is connected via Fibre Channel or Ethernet. QLogic has the right connectivity solution to guarantee low TCO and maximize the value of your infrastructure investment. Choose from 8, 16 or 32Gb Fibre Channel or 10 or 25Gb Ethernet and QLogic has the solution to meet your needs. QLogic

Help lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)Avoid vendor lock-in with switch flexibilityMaximize the value of your IT investments

Help lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Consolidate your data and storage traffic and potentially reduce your hardware, cabling, cooling, power and management costs. By running LAN and SAN traffic on a single adapter, you can greatly simplify administration — there is less to manage.
 Avoid vendor lock-in with switch flexibility

Partition your network adapter with switch-independent partitioning and pair it with virtually any 10GbE switch. QLogic adapters enable you to allocate your 10GbE bandwidth and divide each physical port into four logical ports.

Maximize the value of your IT investments

Protect your investment by using QLogic adapters. Get the most out of your infrastructure without having to rip and replace your current hardware