Performance Monitoring: End-User ExperienceEnd-User Experience

Ensure customer satisfaction by managing user experience from multiple perspectives. With Foglight®, it’s easier than ever to detect, isolate, and resolve response-time issues. Count on Foglight to also capture and replay real user interactions to uncover new buying patterns and preferences.

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Performance Monitoring: ApplicationsApplications

Resolve problems before they impact users. Dell solutions for application server monitoring and diagnostics support the most widely used platforms — like Java or .NET — and the most unique, so it’s easy to simplify management of your application server, user transactions, and underlying infrastructure.

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Performance Monitoring and Management: Virtual Applications and DesktopsVirtual Infrastructure

Take control of your virtual infrastructure by analyzing, automating guiding the operations required to manage it. Our award-winning software for managing performance, capacity, configuration, reporting and chargeback, is simple to download and use for a rapid return on investment.

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Performance Monitoring: DatabasesDatabases

Ensure consistent service across multiple database platform environments with a simple, streamlined set of tools. Leverage familiar interfaces to monitor performance and availability and standardize service across heterogeneous environments.

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Performance Monitoring: Networks and Network SecurityNetworks and Network Security

Get full visibility of your network resources and metrics. Dell can help you capture data for any device on your network and instantly identify which users and applications are consuming the most bandwidth. You can also centrally manage security policies for your SonicWALL® network security solutions with real-time alerts and compliance and usage reports.

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Performance Monitoring: Software as a ServiceCloud Platforms

Gain peace of mind that the cloud platform you use for global networks is operating in top form. With Dell, you can ensure the performance and availability of applications built on the Azure platform. Quickly diagnose infrastructure issues with real-time data on application health and tie it back to the end-user experience.

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