Product NameBrand NameProduct Summary
AppAssureAppAssureGet fast backup, replication, and recovery for virtual, physical, and cloud environments.
Backup and RecoverySonicWALLPreserve, replicate, archive, govern and restore your most valuable asset.
Data BOND Backup and RecoveryKACEOptimize data storage to leverage unused hard drive space on multiple PCs.
DocRetrieverAppAssureRecover SharePoint documents, sites, sub-sites and folders.
NetVault BackupQuest SoftwareSecure data and applications in both physical and virtual environments.
NetVault Bare Metal RecoveryQuest SoftwareQuickly get servers up and running again after a system failure, even with no functioning operating system.
NetVault FastRecoverQuest SoftwareDeliver continuous data protection and recovery for Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows file servers.
NetVault LiteSpeed for OracleQuest SoftwareReduce backup and restore times by up to 50 percent and decrease backup size by up to 90 percent.
NetVault LiteSpeed for SQL ServerQuest SoftwareProtect data while delivering a smaller backup footprint.
NetVault ReplicatorQuest SoftwareDeliver simplified, cross-platform replication for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X file-system data.
NetVault SmartDiskQuest SoftwareControl deduplication with advanced data compression that reduces your disk backup storage footprint by up to 90%.
Recovery Manager for Active DirectoryQuest SoftwareReduce backup recovery time and costs to reduce user impact.
Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest EditionQuest SoftwareRecover Active Directory forest configuration and data with ease.
Recovery Manager for ExchangeQuest SoftwareQuickly and easily recover Exchange and email data without a dedicated recovery server.
Recovery Manager for SharePointQuest SoftwareManually or automatically recover SharePoint data across the enterprise.
SharePlex for OracleQuest SoftwareManage and discover data integrity, monitoring and alert functioning.
vRanger ProQuest SoftwareAccelerate VMware backup and replication while dramatically reducing storage requirements.