Product NameBrand NameProduct Summary
Anti-Spam DesktopSonicWALLLeverage client-based anti-spam, anti-phishing protection for Outlook or Windows Mail email clients.
Authentication ServicesQuest SoftwareAchieve and stay in compliance with cross-platform control, single sign-on and simplified identity and access management.
DefenderQuest SoftwareIdentify and manage two-factor authentication, storage, proprietary databases.
Defender Mainframe EditionQuest SoftwareEnable two-factor authentication for IBM System z mainframe network or single business transactions.
Email SecuritySonicWALLProtect against inbound and outbound email threats.
Enforced Anti-Virus & Anti-SpywareSonicWALLGuarantee anti-virus and anti-spyware software is installed and active on endpoints.
Enterprise Single Sign-onQuest SoftwareLeverage existing Active Directory identities to simplify single sign-on.
GPOADminQuest SoftwareControl and simplify Group Policy management.
KACE K1000 Management ApplianceKACEFully control PC and server lifecycles.
Network SecuritySonicWALLAdapt as threats evolve with intelligent firewalls.
Password ManagerQuest SoftwareGive users the power to reset forgotten passwords securely.
Privilege Manager for UnixQuest SoftwareDefine policies for root function access, as well as when and where this access is performed.
Quest One ActiveRoles ServerQuest SoftwareControl user and group account management, administrator-based role security, day-to-day identity administration and built-in auditing and reporting for Windows.
Quest One Authorization Policy ServerQuest SoftwareEnable consistent access management for diverse applications, web services and data across the enterprise.
Quest One Authorization Policy Server for SharePointQuest SoftwareDeliver security authorization for multiple SharePoint sites.
Quest One Identity ManagerQuest SoftwareStreamline user identity management, privilege access and security.
Quest One Identity Manager - Active Directory EditionQuest SoftwareEnable users and managers to fulfill Active Directory group management needs.
Quest One Identity Manager - Data Governance EditionQuest SoftwareProvide security and access rights to the appropriate users.
Quest One Management Console for UnixQuest SoftwareEasily manage difficult Unix tasks via a powerful Web-based, multi-platform console.
Quest One Privilege Manager for SudoQuest SoftwareEnhance Sudo 1.8.1 with a central policy server, centralized sudo management and reporting.
Quest One Privileged Password ManagerQuest SoftwareAutomate, control and secure the entire process of granting administrators the credentials necessary to perform their duties.
Quest One Privileged Session ManagerQuest SoftwareIssue privileged access for a specific period or session to administrators, remote vendors and high-risk users, with full recording and replay for auditing and compliance.
Quest One Quick Connect Express for Active DirectoryQuest SoftwareSynchronize identity data across the enterprise to unify identity and access management.
Quest One Quick Connect for AS/400Quest SoftwareConnect IBM AS/400 and eServer iSeries midrange computer systems to any platform supported by Quest One Quick Connect, including SAP, Active Directory, PeopleSoft and more.
Quest One Quick Connect for Base SystemsQuest SoftwareConnect to a wide range of common systems such as HR, ERP, corporate directories, databases and various applications.
Quest One Quick Connect for Cloud ServicesQuest SoftwareExtend provisioning to cloud-based email and collaboration services, such as Google's Gmail and Office 365.
Quest One Quick Connect for Exchange Resource ForestsQuest SoftwareSynchronize and provision accounts between a user account forest and the Exchange resource forest.
Quest One Quick Connect for Lotus NotesQuest SoftwareQuickly provision Lotus Notes user accounts for use with Notes mail and Notes applications.
Quest One Quick Connect for Lync ServerQuest SoftwareSimplify identity and access management for Lync Servers to control user access, reduce errors and save administrative time and cost.
Quest One Quick Connect for MainframesQuest SoftwareManage and simplify mainframe configuration profiles, without programming.
Quest One Quick Connect for PeopleSoftQuest SoftwareSynchronize the user and employee information from a PeopleSoft system to Active Directory.
Quest One Quick Connect for RACFQuest SoftwareQuickly and easily extend user provisioning to RACF.
Quest One Quick Connect for SAP SolutionsQuest SoftwareEnable SAP account provisioning and assign SAP roles that manage access to various SAP applications.
Quest One Quick Connect Virtual Directory ServerQuest SoftwareCreate virtual unified views of data stored within diverse back-end repositories.
Secure Remote AccessSonicWALLProvide anytime, anywhere access to authorized network resources for organizations of any size.
Single Sign-on for JavaQuest SoftwareLeverage Active Directory for Java applications to improve efficiency, enhance security and deliver compliance.
Single Sign-on for NetWeaverQuest SoftwareImplement a pure Java implementation of single sign-on for NetWeaver implementation in an Active Directory environment.
WebthorityQuest SoftwareProvide employees, customers and partners with secure, browser-based access to essential information without adding infrastructure or complexity.