Maximize Hardware ROIRequires minimal hardware setup (rack and stack), then automatically discovers and readies hardware for further provisioning.
Easily Perform Standard MaintenanceAllows you to easily leverage all the latest BIOS and RAID releases and makes it easy and fast to apply them across all your hardware.
Save TimeFrees you from performing manual network configuration and server setups with a simple, repeatable and highly automated process. Enables you to stand up a system from bare metal to operational in a fraction of the usual time.
Recover QuicklyCreates templates of your server configurations so they’re easy to recover and rebuild, enabling you to get up and running quickly and reliably.
Open and FlexibleIs built on open-source technologies, avoiding proprietary lock-in and giving you the flexibility to make changes as needed.
Leverage a vast EcosystemConnects you to the Dell Crowbar ecosystem with access to experts, the barclamp library and other code, and quick, effective support.