Rugged meets state-of-the-art

Built to withstand use in challenging conditions, Dell Rugged computing solutions offer exceptional durability thanks to innovative features and technologies.

Built for durability Built for durability

Dell Rugged computing solutions are designed from the ground up for maximum durability and incorporate a combination of ultra-performance materials for strength and protection. To provide an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, our fully rugged products incorporate both a high compression strength ultra-polymer for impact protection and magnesium alloy for structural stability.

Readable in sunlight and darkness

Dell Rugged computing solutions feature Direct Vue™ displays with exceptional sunlight-readability and impact protection. Through a combination of reduced reflectivity and enhanced backlight transmissivity, Direct Vue displays are bright and clear in most conditions. For protection, an optical-grade cast resin composite LCD cover offers high impact strength. For low light situations when stealth is essential, the displays on our fully rugged products go down to a minimum brightness of 2 nits.
Readable in sunlight and darkness 

Stay cool under pressure Stay cool under pressure

The latest generation QuadCool™ thermal management system, available on Dell fully rugged computing solutions, enables maximum performance in extreme temperatures. QuadCool is a multi-faceted fan-based process that combines passive cooling elements with forced convection to help enhance conductive cooling to critical system components. The fan resides in a sealed IP-65 chamber, enhanced by conductive cooling for less fan activity, longer battery life and quieter operation.

Keep the outside from getting in

Dell fully rugged computing solutions achieve an IP-65 level of ingress protection with compression gasketing to enable dependable operation in wet, sandy and dirty conditions. All possible points of system ingress have been fully sealed with die-cut and form-in-place compression gasketing with dual-knife edge design.
 Keep the outside from getting in

Handle the bumps and bruises Handle the bumps and bruises

Dell Rugged computing solutions are constructed with a combination of durable materials for strength and protection. Our semi-rugged products are armored with a Tri-Metal™ casing consisting of anodized aluminum display back, magnesium alloy wrapped corners, steel hinges and powder-coated base to handle the tough demands of outdoor tasks.