Dell Product & Profit Analytics

Maximize profitability with real-time simulations and financial impact analysis

Effective corporate decisions require immediate insights — and solutions that connect data, not just collect it. To increase margins in volatile markets, you need business intelligence analytics that can help you quickly rebalance product portfolios, adjust pricing, change market strategies, allocate resources and optimize sourcing.

Product & Profit Analytics leverages your existing enterprise systems to give frontline business managers immediate insight into product margins, customer profitability and asset utilization. Our solution connects actual cost data associated with products, customers, assets, materials and suppliers so you can:
  • Gain visibility into every angle of the profit picture and enable each role to segment and analyze margin performance
  • Create the most up-to-date picture of margins previously hidden across systems or roles
  • Perform backward-looking analysis and also create powerful "what if" simulations in a safe sandbox environment
  • Improve your ability to make strategic decisions about what to stop, what to change and what to grow

How it works

Dell Product & Profit Analytics is purpose-built to rapidly connect actual cost data associated with products, customers, assets, materials and suppliers, from all relevant business systems and tools. DPPA’s open-standard system-oriented architecture (SOA) easily drops into your existing infrastructure and works flawlessly to support multiple data sources. A typical pilot engagement of 45 to 90 days connects users with information needed to make effective decisions.

Why Dell?

In a partnership with pVelocity®, Dell Services encompasses the pioneering pVelocity tool with Dell Services’ extensive expertise in planning, defining, implementing and managing complex engagements with manufacturing customers. Companies all over the world have benefited from pVelocity’s software with results that include:

  • Margin improvement within one year of implementation
  • Allocated production resources based on margin performance
  • Rationalized poorly performing product lines
  • Managed price increases in advance of raw material cost increases
  • Reduced EBIT leakage due to scrap/inefficient machinery/freight costs

To further increase information availability, integrate a SAP HANA solution from Dell. Our optimally configured solutions include a hardware appliance, preloaded software and a full range of services so you can conduct analytics, performance management and operations in a single system.