Security Resource Library


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    All-Around Data Security for Small Businesses and Organizations


    Learn how Dell Data Protection Personal Edition helps small businesses keep their data and their customers’ data secure.

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    Simple, comprehensive, enterprise-level management and audit capabilities for Microsoft® BitLocker


    Lock down data security and achieve regulatory compliance with simplified, enterprise-level management from Dell DataProtection | BitLocker Manager.

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    Protect data stored and shared in public cloud storage


    Give your IT team the right tool to defend your public cloud data, without disrupting your users — Dell Data Protection | Cloud Edition.

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    Transparent data protection for smartphones and tablets


    Embrace the benefits of mobile/BYOD without the data security risks—protect iOS™ and Android™ devices with Dell Data Protection | Mobile Edition.

  5. Dell Data Protection Encryption Solution Overview0913

    Dell Data Protection Encryption Solution Overview0913


    As organizations grapple with securing endpoint devices, consumerization, globalization and workforce mobility are creating new challenges. Meanwhile, all you have to do is look at the headlines to see that threats are more coordinated and coming faster.

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    Dell Data Protection External Media Edition

    Many organizations are already protecting data on endpoint systems but may not have a solution to safeguard data stored on external media. This leaves a critical security gap that could compromise intellectual property as well as customer and employee data.

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    DDP Hardware Crypto Accelerator

    Ever-changing security threats and regulatory environments are driving organizations to keep finding the best ways to protect data. But considering the bigger picture of overall business health and the resulting end-user productivity, any security solution must boast cost-effectiveness, ease of management and seamless deployment.