Power and Cooling Technologies

Compute More, Consume Less

Energy costs have soared in recent years. In many enterprise scenarios, power and cooling expenses outstrip the cost of IT equipment. To save on power and cooling and save money, you have to get the most out of your resources.

Squeeze the most performance out of each watt of energy and maximize your existing computing capacity. The Dell approach to power and cooling focuses on efficiency. We give you the tools to help you realize greater performance with less energy, cost and waste. And more efficient data center usage can reduce costs by slowing the need for additional data center space.

We provide:

  • Energy Smart technologies that maximize work per watt
  • Specialized power and cooling best practices
  • Energy Smart management software that tunes operations for maximum energy efficiency
  • Services that increase efficiencies in new and existing facilities

And that means more computing for less money.




  2. Advanced Power Management with Dell OpenManage Power Center

    When it comes to your data center, two things make a difference: strong and continual server performance to handle the needs of your employees and customers, and advanced management technologies to keep operational expenses down. High among these operational expenses are the power costs related to running and cooling your servers.

  3. Dell Energy Star Storage Product List December 2013_v2

    18 Dec 2013

    This list of Dell™ qualified ENERGY STAR® Data Center Storage products are designed to contribute to efficiency requirements of your ever-expanding IT environments, while providing powerful data storage performance that your businesses and organizations have come to expect from Dell.

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