Your power and cooling strategy

The smarter path to tackling power and cooling issues

As the cost of operating data centers skyrockets, IT professionals struggle to achieve greater energy efficiency while getting the most processing power possible from their environment.

Dell offers practical and effective ways to optimize and manage an energy-efficient data center. Our approach is not about limiting server choice for the sake of efficiency or installing thousands of sensors in the data center to control the air conditioning. In fact, experience has shown us that the most efficient data center is not necessarily the one that provides power the most efficiently. Instead, it's often the data center that maximizes utilization of its resources — avoiding power wasting, idle hardware.

Our proven approach to solving power and cooling problems includes four key elements:

  • Evaluating or remediating your data center for optimum control and use of energy through approaches such as segregating hot and cold aisles.
  • Working from a foundation of some of the most energy-efficient servers available.
  • Implementing efficient heat containment and power delivery strategies.
  • Managing IT resources to get the most computing from the least power through:

Implement a rational, efficient plan to achieve the dual goals of meeting your organization's growing computing needs and reducing your energy costs.


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