Enterprises need intelligent, predictive security to excel in a connected world. To that end, Dell Security solutions help organizations in a broad range of industries assure workforce productivity, compliance and customer satisfaction.

Williams Energy: Streamlining identity and access management

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One of the largest providers of energy infrastructure in North America, Williams Energy needed to replace an outdated application used by employees and contractors to access information resources. Not only was the access request system cumbersome and time-consuming to use, it went down nearly every day, hurting productivity and interrupting business.

Williams recognized that it was time for a solution that would streamline the request process while protecting against unauthorized access. After viewing a successful proof of concept, the Williams IT team decided to adopt Identity Manager, part of the Dell One Identity product family. Identity Manager delivered the functionality Williams needed, with no business disruptions. The company’s IT staff used to handle 3,000 to 4,000 provisioning tasks per month. Now, says Paul Tucker, director of information security at Williams Energy, “The time-savings has been remarkable. We can autoprovision 50 percent of our application tasks.”

Denver Broncos: Safeguarding networks

Denver Broncos on field at stadium
Running a leading NFL team like the Denver Broncos requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work, including innovative IT. During games, more than 4,000 fans simultaneously access the stadium’s WiFi network. Coaches and other staff use the Broncos’ private and virtual private networks to share classified data, including videos, playbooks and scouting information. But with demands growing, protecting this information was becoming increasingly difficult, and many users were experiencing network performance issues.

To address these challenges, the Broncos implemented a security solution that included Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive Next-Generation Firewalls to accelerate the stadium’s traffic, as well as add layers of security for ticketing and other systems. With the help of Dell Professional Services, the deployment was completed in just two days. “We’re impressed with our Dell SonicWALL firewalls, and I sleep better at night having our SuperMassive protecting our network,” says Russ Trainor, vice president of technology of the Denver Broncos. Meanwhile, staff, fans and vendors alike are enjoying fast, secure access.

Fortune 100 retailer: Encrypting confidential information

Woman working at desk with Dell Lattitude 14 5000 Series laptop
A growing Fortune 100 retail company has thousands of employees who work across North America, many of whom rely on laptop computers to collaborate on projects and communicate with customers. Data stored in these laptops, including credit card and other customer information, can be vulnerable if a laptop is stolen or lost. Moreover, the company’s retail locations have pharmacies on-site, which means that it must comply with health information regulations.

The retailer’s IT team deployed the Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP | E) solution to safeguard more than 5,000 laptops. The solution enables the company to protect the confidentiality of corporate data and comply with data protection laws. Also, IT can manage endpoint encryption from a single, centralized console. Meanwhile, the data protection solution is transparent to users. “Once DDP | E is implemented, they don’t see a difference in performance on their laptops at all,” says the company’s IT manager. “This solution is meeting our needs for endpoint data protection.”

Regional bank: Countering threats

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A regional bank engaged Dell SecureWorks Managed Security Services (MSS) to monitor security threats in real time. When the Dell SecureWorks Security Operations Center (SOC) detected malicious activity threatening the bank’s lockbox — which stores banking statements and other customer-facing data — an analyst quickly alerted the bank. The bank then initiated an incident response request. Within 48 hours, a Dell incident response team went into action, collecting log files at the bank’s location and identifying the vulnerability on the lockbox.

Through malware analysis and reverse data engineering, Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) analysts identified the malware as the Belmoo advanced persistent threat (APT) trojan. Fortunately, Dell determined that mass extraction of the bank’s customer data had not taken place. Through the capabilities of MSS and SOC analysts, the expertise of the incident response personnel, and the research and intelligence of the CTU, the bank was able to get the situation fully under control before the attacker could do any more harm.

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