eQuotes give users the ability to prepare an order and save it for future purchase. Options for managing eQuotes include: Save, Retrieve, and Edit.

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A. Saving an eQuote


eQuotes let users prepare an order and save it for purchase later, or send it to be reviewed by an authorized buyer.

  1. Once all desired products are added to your cart, view the cart and click on “Save as eQuote.

Save as eQuote

  2.   Finalize the eQuote by completing all required fields

eQuote Details

 3.   To send the eQuote to your purchasing agent and/or any other recipient via email, complete the appropriate fields.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your saved eQuote information for future reference.

B. Retrieving an eQuote

There are twoways to retrieve an eQuote. You can click on the “Quotes” link located just below the top navigation, or view and retrieve your Quotes from the “My tools” section available on the Premier Homepage.

An eQuote can be retrieved by the individual user who saved it or by an authorized eQuote shopper or buyer.

Accessing saved eQuotes:

Some user roles provide the ability to access another user’s eQuote information using the same “Quotes” link.

1. eQuote lists can be sorted and displayed by multiple fields.

2. If you want to open the eQuote, just click on the eQuote number .To delete an eQuote, locate and click on the eQuote number desired and select the  “Delete selected” option from within the dropdown menu.

eQuotes Dashboard


C. Editing an eQuote


Editing feature allows you to modify an existing eQuote. Once modified, you can place an order or re-save as a new eQuote number.

Edit a saved eQuote:


  1. You can easily purchase - From within the eQuote list, click on the eQuote number and select “Purchase Selected

Editing Saved eQuote

2. To make changes to the quantity, open the eQuote by clicking the eQuote number, adjust the quantity and click “Save as new eQuote” to save your changes. The updated configuration will be saved as a new eQuote referencing a new eQuote number. The original eQuote will not be changed and remains in your list until it expires or deleted.

3. To make changes to the computer system, click “Edit” to re-open the configuration page and select your new options.

eQuote Summary