Links located at the top of the Premier page show you how to connect to the most common areas of Premier. Four categories that are available include Shop, Solutions & Services, Support, and Account.
To view additional help information, please click on the links below the main category. You can easily access the most common areas as well by using the different sections available on your Premier Homepage: My Tools, Shop Dell Products, Best Sellers and Deals, Parts Selector, Spotlight & Help.


A. Shopping for Products

Shop” offers quick access to four shopping solutions: Standard Configurations, Systems, Peripherals and Software. Each of these can be configured to custom specifications by the Dell Account Team at customer request. “Shop” provides you access to your Lists and Deals as well.

To illustrate this navigation:

  1. Begin by clicking on the “Shop” category at the top left of the page next to the Dell logo.
  2. Notice each tab description: Lists, Standard Configurations, Laptops, Tablets & Mobile Workstations, Desktops & Workstations, Server, Storage & Networking, Accessories & Peripherals, Software, Featured Products. The most common tabs you will use for shopping and buying are Standard Configurations, Systems, Peripherals and Software.



B. Navigation Descriptions (Second-Level):

1. Lists

Lists allow you to organize and access your frequently purchased products and organizational standards by using the Lists functionality. Collaborate with users in your organization by creating Public or Shared lists.

To access your Lists, click on “Shop” in the masthead and then select “Lists” in the secondary navigation.

For faster selection, select the “Lists” section available on your Premier home page.

2. Standard Configurations

  • Standard Configurations allow you to view your organization's customized configurations as designated by you and your Dell Account Team. Once your representative has established your specific configurations on your Premier page, access Standard Configurations by clicking “Shop” in the masthead and then select “Standard Configurations” in the secondary navigation.
  • For a faster navigation, you can access the Standard Configurations from the “ My Tools” or “Shop Dell Products” sections available on your Premier home page.

3. Systems

Systems allows you to browse all Dell products including Desktops and Workstations, Laptops and Tablets, Servers, Storage and Networking, Dell-Branded Peripherals, and Imaging. This catalog can also be customized to display only the products relevant to your organization. You may configure the available options for any product according to your needs.

To access your Systems Catalog, click on “Shop” in the masthead and then any of the systems related categories in the secondary navigation. A third-level navigation bar will appear enabling you to select a sub-category.

For faster selection, choose a category from the “Shop Dell Products” section available on your Premier home page.


4. Software and Peripherals

Software and Peripherals allows you to view an extensive selection of software and peripheral products from both Dell and other manufacturers which are available on your Premier Page.

To access your Software & Peripherals Catalog, click on “Shop” in the masthead and then select “Accessories & Peripherals or Software” in the secondary navigation. If “Accessories &Peripherals” are selected, a third-level navigation bar allows you to narrow your selection.

For faster selection, choose a category from the “Shop Dell Products” section available on your Premier home page. 


C. Services and Solutions

Dell solutions helps you make faster, more informed decisions, streamline your IT operations, increase end-user productivity and keep your data secure. Whether you need help with strategy and deployment, require IT or business consulting, or want to explore managed services that take the load off your IT staff, turn to Dell services for expert advice and world-class support.

Services and Solutions

D. Support

Clicking the “Support” category changes the second-level navigation view to illustrate different areas of Dell’s award-winning support site. Details are available pertaining to your systems purchased with additional help information such as warranty and on-going support.


E. Account

Account page allows the user to edit personal information and change email. Administrators to the page can Manage Users and Access Groups, Manage Personal Information and Manage Accounts.

Second-Level navigation links are described below:
  • Manage Profile allows you to edit personal information and change your password
  • Manage Site allows administrator the ability to control User Access Groups and Roles settings, and manage your address book for a faster checkout.
  • Contacts lists general Dell Account Team and Company Contacts.
  • Reports offers readily available, self-serve reporting options as it’s generated online.
  • Select Another Account enables users the ability to switch between Premier Page accounts without having to logout and back in.

F. Top of Page Navigation

There are two useful links located at the top right of your Premier Page: Logout and My cart

  • Logout signs the user out of Premier session.
  • My Cart displays items you have added to the Cart during the present sign in.

    Logout & Cart

    G. Additional Links in the Premier Navigation Menu toolbelt

    There are several additional links near the top-left of the page: Help, Quotes, Order Status, Share Your Ideas as well as Custom Links

    Additional Links

    • Help
    • Quotes retrieves saved items for later display or purchase and can be accessed from this link on the page. Click on the “Quotes” link to view a list of your saved E-Quotes. For accessing even faster, view and retrieve your Quotes from the “My tools” section available on the Premier Homepage.


    • Order Status lists purchases in the current order cycle and allows users to view details of pending orders. Accessing the Order Status link:
    1. When you click on the “Order Status” link, anything that has been ordered or is in the ordering cycle can be retrieved by adding the appropriate information in the open fields.
    2. In addition to ‘Support Options’ located at the left-hand navigation, orders may be viewed by following the steps noted on the page.
    3. When finished, click "Submit"


    Note : If you have a customer number associated to your profile, you will immediately see anything that has been ordered or is in the ordering cycle.


    • Custom Links offers users additional useful links such as Customer Care, Dell Financial Services, Dell Partner Portal, Dell Training Services, Premier Online Support Chat, Dell Deployment Services.
    • Share your Ideas link lets you submit ideas for improving Premier as well as vote/comment on other people’s suggestions.