Two reporting categories are available (Standard Reports & Enhanced Reports). Please contact your Dell Account Team to discuss which offering is best for your organization.

A. Standard Reports

•Customized Reports enables users to create customized reports by adding customized reporting fields (e.g. Order Date, Order Number, Order Status, etc.).

•Image Watch enables users to view reports related to product transitions and helps users with technology transition management by providing Dell's introduction and end-of-life information on platforms and system components. This reporting feature requires a customer-signed NDA.

•Premier Invoicing Report enables users to search and view invoices online (identical to hard copy invoices).

•Open Order Reports enables users to view the status of orders currently in production (placed within the past 48 hours).

•Purchase History Reports enables users to view reports based on invoice status (invoiced vs. non-invoiced). Users can search for individual reports using reporting criteria or select a standard report type, invoice status, and order date range.

B. Enhanced Reports


•Purchase History shows 15 months of rolling purchases. Offers graphical dashboard view and a detailed summary view of data with the ability to drill down by different product types.

•Shipping and Delivery shows Dell performance against ship and delivery commitments (standard published times by product) for 15-month rolling systems shipped. Additional levels of reporting allow for filtering by product type (this report does not include customer carrier accounts in these metrics).

•Warranty Reports shows systems with warranties due to expire within the next 15 months and warranties that expired up to 15 months ago. Navigation to additional report levels allows information to be filtered by product type.

C. Accessing Reports



1. Premier - To access the list of available reports, Click on “Account” in the Premier Navigation Menu and click on “Reports” to expand. A list of available reports will appear (this will be setup by your Dell Account Team). Click on the report option you are interested in viewing.

2. Premier Dashboard (Module View):
  • Click the Reports gadget, located in the main tab.
  • A list of available reports will appear in the module (this will be setup by your Dell Account Team).
  • Click the report option you are interested in viewing.

Note: If the Reports module is not available, click "Add a Module" in the upper right corner of your workspace to view a list of available modules. In the subsequent window that appears, put a checkmark next to Reports. Click the blue "Add Selected" button at the bottom of the page to add the Reports module to your workspace.