There are three product categories available within your organization’s Premier Page: Standard Configurations, Dell Systems, and Software & Peripherals. If you do not see a product category available, please contact your Dell Account Team for assistance.

To view information, please click on the relevant links below in the navigation menu.

A. Standard Configurations

Standard Configurations are Dell systems specifically customized for your organization with user selectable options (upgrades/downgrades) created by your Dell Account Team. Standard Configurations have your organization's negotiated pricing included.

1. Accessing your Standard Configurations:


1. To access your Standard Configurations, click on the “Shop” category and select “Standard Configurations” located within the secondary navigation to display your list of customized configurations. For a faster navigation, you can access the Standard Configurations from the “ My Tools” or “Shop Dell Products” sections available on your Premier home page.

2. When “Standard Configurations” is accessed, simply choose an item of interest by clicking on the corresponding “Add to Basket” or “Customise” button.

Standard Configurations

2. Customizing your Standard Configurations:


1. Choose the “Customise” corresponding to the Standard Configuration desired.

2. Within the Configuration page, view/select the component options desired.

3. Use the clickable tabs to view Services & Support as well as Electronics and Accessories.

4. Click “Review and Continue” to view your configuration.

5. If you need to modify any component, click “edit” next to the corresponding component.

6. Click “Add to Basket” to complete the process.

7. Click “Continue Shopping” if you want to add additional items to your basket.

8. Click “Save as eQuote” to save your Standard Configuration for future reference.

9. Click “Checkout” to place an order online.

Note: Only authorized Buyers will see the green “Checkout” button.

B. Systems

Your Systems Catalog provides access to the complete line of Dell branded products. This catalog can also be customized to display only the products relevant to your organization. You may configure the available options for any product according to your needs.


1. Accessing your Systems Catalog:


To access your Systems Catalog, click on “Shop” in the masthead and then any of the systems related categories in the secondary navigation. A third-level navigation bar will appear enabling you to select a system’s sub-category.

For a faster selection, choose a category from the “Shop Dell Products” section available on your Premier home page. 

When the Systems catalog is accessed, you will be able to browse through the products desired.


2. Selecting a product within your Dell Systems Catalog

  1. Choose a product line from the list of products available (e.g. Desktops, Notebooks, Workstations, Servers & Storage, Dell Branded Peripherals, Imaging).
  2. When you see the particular Dell model of interest, you have the ability to :

Add to Basket: As you shop for Standard Configurations, Systems, or Software & Peripheral items, simply click on “Add to Basket” for each item you would like to purchase or save as an eQuote.

Add to List: Add the product to a list for future use to purchase or add to an eQuote. (See section on Lists)

Configure: If an item is configurable, click on “Configure”.

Shop Pic1

  • When configuring a product, the configuration page displays a system with any user-selectable options that are available to your organization. To expand or collapse the view of the upgrades or downgrades, click on the arrow located top left of each configuration options box.
  • The price for a configuration will automatically update each time you change an option, so the total system price displayed always includes your current selections.
  • Tabs along the top let you quickly add accessories or support to your system.
  • Click the “Print Summary” link to quickly review the configuration options currently selected, or to format the information for printing. This displays a summary of the specified configuration with associated SKUs, descriptions, and updated price.

3. Product Comparison


When enabled by your Dell Account Team, Product Comparison enables you to compare multiple products. Simply check the box corresponding to the products of interest and click “Compare” to view side-by-side comparison of product specifications.
Shop Pic2

 C. Software & Peripherals

A large selection of software and peripheral products from multiple manufacturers are available within your Premier Page. When shopping for S&P items, you can search by product categories or keyword search. S&P Catalog will have your organization's negotiated pricing included. Note: Some S&P items may not be enabled on your Premier Page depending on how the catalog is setup by your Dell Account Team.

1. Accessing your Software & Peripherals Catalog:


To access your Software & Peripherals Catalog, click on “Products” in the masthead and then select “Software” or Accessories & Peripherals” in the secondary navigation. If "Accessories & Peripherals" are selected, a third-level navigation bar allows you to narrow your selection.

For faster selection, choose a category from the “Shop Dell Products” section available on your Premier home page.

Peripherals & Software

Accessories & Peripherals

When the Software & Peripherals catalog is accessed, you will be able to view product categories using the left hand Product Category menu or view the category images

Shop Pic3

2. Easy Way to search for S&P Products – Keyword Search:


  1. Enter a keyword in the Keyword Search box on the top right of the Premier Page.
  2. Select the search magnifying-window icon or just hit enter on your keyboard to bring up the search results.
  3. Using the left hand menu, you can select categories to narrow your selection.
  4. You may also use the left hand "Search within..." to narrow your selection.

Keyword Search