Dell today affirmed its support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR specifications for servers. As a leading provider of energy-efficient blades and servers, Dell released details of its first PowerEdge servers that meet the new Energy Star specifications.

The News:

  • The U.S. EPA recently released the final version of its Energy Star specification for servers 1.0.
  • Dell worked with the EPA to develop the new energy-efficiency specification for servers, particularly as power consumption has become a central issue in the data center.
  • Dell is the first major vendor to certify entire platforms and provide the flexibility to customers to configure these servers to meet their exact performance per watt requirements.
  • Dell PowerEdge R610 and R710 server platforms qualify for the new Energy Star specification; to learn more about their capabilities, go to
  • To earn the Energy Star label, these Dell PowerEdge servers help prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting the energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA.

Dell PowerEdge 11th Generation Servers with Energy Smart Technologies:

  • Dell builds it PowerEdge servers with a comprehensive, system-wide approach to balancing performance with energy efficiency by focusing on design, measurement, control and reporting for energy-efficient infrastructures that can help reduce total cost of ownership.
  • The Dell Energy Smart architecture offered in 11th generation Dell PowerEdge servers supports real-time monitoring and control and uses extensive platform characterization and advanced features such as Dell’s Active Power Controller to help optimize platform-level tradeoffs between performance and power consumption.
  • In 2007, Dell introduced Energy Smart options as a complementary program to Energy Star to help customers maximize performance per watt for their particular workload and meet operating expense goals.

Dell PowerEdge servers with Energy Smart technology include:

  • Dell Energy Smart Power Supplies are engineered to achieve exceptional efficiency by taking unneeded overhead out of the server power envelope with options for right-sized or dynamically provisioned power supplies.
  • Dell Energy Smart System Design to help lower the overall system power draw with high-efficiency voltage regulators, greater venting and airflow, “low-flow” fan technology, advanced resource management and an extensive collection of thermal sensors.
  • Dell Active Power Controller (DAPC) can help save money by lowering the system-level power draw at times of low utilization.
  • Dell Energy Smart Management includes power capping, advanced power policies, power scheduling, and device disablement.
  • High-Efficiency Processors and Memory target exceptional performance per watt for standards-based servers.

Dell and Energy Star:

  • Dell has actively participated in the Energy Star program since 1993 and offers a variety of desktop, workstation, laptop, display, TV and printer configurations that meet applicable EPA requirements for Energy Star qualification.
  • Many of the desktop, workstation and portable products designed by Dell today consume less than five watts in a low-power mode and exceed the current levels set by the EPA for energy efficiency.
  • Dell has chosen to default the power management settings to meet the EPA requirements for Energy Star compliance for OptiPlex™ platforms that were offered to the public starting in May 2003. For many computer systems, Dell has also taken the extra step to reduce the amount of time required by the EPA for Energy Star compliance of 30 minutes of inactivity for the computer to enter the low-power mode to 15 minutes of computer inactivity to save even more energy. This decision allows our customers the ability to not only save money but reduce their contribution to air pollution and global warming with the Energy Star program.

“Dell is committed to helping companies increase data center performance while reducing operational expenses by supporting the Energy Star for Servers effort. We support the EPA in ushering in a new era of awareness and innovative thinking around solving the industry’s energy challenge.” - Sally Stevens, vice president of Platform Marketing, Dell

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