Connected Security

Connected Security Solutions

Big data, cloud computing, mobility and BYOD (bring your own device) present enormous opportunities for businesses — as well as for cybercriminals who view these technologies as convenient entry points for data theft. The bad guys are intent on exploiting disconnected security: IT security tools, processes, user profiles and data separated into silos that leave dangerous gaps in between.

Better connected means better protected
Don't let security threats stop you from leveraging key technologies that will advance your business. Dell Connected Security eliminates silos of security information, connecting security across your data, infrastructure and applications with our data, network, endpoint and security services solutions. We offer a comprehensive lifecycle approach that:
  • Embeds security at the time of manufacturing as well as every data touchpoint. Dell Data Protection solutions protect end-user data wherever it goes; Dell KACE provides systems management as well as software patching that safeguards all endpoints from the latest identified vulnerabilities.
  • Detects threats and mitigates risks with predictive, context-aware intelligence. Our award-winning Dell SonicWALL solutions provide next-generation firewalls, secure remote access and email security solutions that protect the boundary without sacrificing user productivity or network performance.
  • Protects data and systems by enabling users to get the right access at the right time with Dell One Identity. Keep your network safe with email security and powerful firewall solutions from Dell SonicWALL, then achieve proactive protection with comprehensive Managed Security Services.
  • Responds to IT security breaches with managed IT security services. Dell SecureWorks provides Threat Intelligence and other services that fortify security and better protect, predict and respond to threats.
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