• What if you could implement comprehensive information security policies and procedures that protect your data and minimize your risk?
  • What if you could be more confident in your ability to keep intruders at bay?
  • What if you could promote a higher level of security awareness throughout your enterprise — without imposing an undue burden on your employees?

Data Center IT Outsourcing Services Data Sheet

Safeguard your infrastructure and protect data confidentiality, integrity and availability

With Dell’s Enhanced Information Security, you’ll be able to defend your infrastructure from data security breaches, virus outbreaks and malicious or abusive computer use. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) serves as your front line of defense against threats known and unknown — and when you integrate it with our security administration services, you’ll have a single thread of unbroken security that ensures data confidentiality, data integrity and data availability.

With convenient, cost-effective solutions that align with your processes, procedures and architecture, you’ll be better able to secure your network without compromising availability, usability or control.