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Dell Premium Support

Introducing Premium Support

Premium Support

Tech support can be frustrating with long phone menus, hold times and being transferred again and again. Now, Dell Premium Support eliminates the hassle with SupportAssist technology* by automatically detecting hardware and software issues and proactively alerting you with system alerts and by email when they occur. Our expert technicians even call you with all the information they need to quickly resolve critical issues. You also get anytime access to experts and onsite support after remote diagnosis*.

The below chart compares the Dell Limited Hardware Warranty* support (Basic Warranty) to Premium Support. With Premium Support you get more of the things you need and want in a premiere support plan. And when you do need help, you will spend less time on the phone and have fewer steps to resolve your problem.

Premium Support feature comparison

Basic Warranty SupportPremium Support
Phone access to expert technicians   24x724x7
Hardware repair service deliveryMail-In Service*Onsite Services*
Proactive expert technical support
Single resource for software and hardware expertise
How to/help on popular software like Microsoft, Adobe, browsers and more
Help with wired/wireless network set up        
How to for antivirus set up, data backup and more
Automated issue detection, notification & case creation by SupportAssist*
SupportAssist automatically detects and proactively alerts you to: operating system issues, software upgrades, driver updates and patches, battery, hard drives and cooling fan failures.

TabletThe first of its kind in the industry, Premium Support for PCs and tablets makes tech support easy. Premium Support eliminates time consuming steps diagnosing the issue, cuts wait time and resolves issues dramatically faster. You can count on Dell for better support experience.

 Premium Support Includes:
  • 24x7 phone access to Premium Support experts and Dell online support center
  • Convenient weekday chat and email support 
  • Onsite service after remote diagnosis* within 1-2 business days 
  • Expert technicians for hardware and software issues
  • Proactive automated detection and alerts for issues with Dell SupportAssist technology*
  • Help and simple steps that show you how to:
    • Connect your device to existing networks
    • Use your operating system, including upgrading to the latest version
    • Connect to printers or other peripherals to your computer
    • Transfer or back-up your PC data
    • Setting up anti-virus learn more*
  • Help on popular software:
    • “Step-by-step” support for Dell branded software
    • Simple “how-to” instructions for software applications in the following
      categories: browser, e-mail, productivity, financial, internet browser,
      photo/video editing, DVD or PDF creation, and software such as Microsoft Office, McAfee Antivirus, Quicken or Adobe Photoshop
    • We will help you install, uninstall and reinstall all other software purchased from Dell not listed in above categories
  • SupportAssist features and onsite service are available on specific products*

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To purchase Premium Support for existing PCs and tablets, or for more information, call:
1-800-348-6147 (US) and
1-800-528-6152 (Canada)

*Dell Premium Support with SupportAssist significantly reduces time to resolve common hardware problems:
  • Takes up to 59% fewer steps in the support process 
  • Up to 86% less time on the phone with tech support 
Based on May 2015 Principled Technologies Test Report commissioned by Dell comparing tech support troubleshooting for hard drive failure. Actual results will vary. Click here for full report.
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