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The Cost Efficiencies of SQL Server Virtualization

As your need to handle more data grows exponentially, database sprawl becomes a real concern. Adding more and more databases and the applications to support them can quickly tax your budget. That's why virtualization has become a key data center design tactic that can cut costs and simplify the consolidation process.

There are many advantages to virtualizing the SQL Server® environment:

  • Improved availability
  • Simpler disaster recovery
  • Faster provisioning of new servers and storage

Dell servers and storage provide a superior platform for virtual machines and help reduce your total cost of ownership. You can:

  • Centralize administration through data center consolidation
  • Reduce power and cooling costs
  • Achieve greater productivity and performance

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Hands-On Business Intelligence

Advancing your business requires fast, effective, distributed decision making based on the most up-to-date information available. The self-service business intelligence (BI) capabilities of SQL Server 2012 empower your users to create their own BI solutions. Using familiar tools such as Microsoft® Office Excel® and SharePoint®, users can easily generate and analyze content and then share it with the right people.

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