Dawnrunner Studios was invited to participate in the Dell & NVIDIA Video Editing Advisory Program early in the year. With the changes to Final Cut Pro (FCP) having a major effect on their overall pipeline, they were forced to explore other options—a dubious task. As part of the Dell & NVIDIA Video Editing Advisory Program, Dawnrunner test drove a Dell Precision T5500 tower workstation, with an NVIDIA Quadro 5000 and was “absolutely blown out of [their] chairs” with the results.

“As a business owner and operator, when you’re faced with something as game-changing as this Dell Precision T5500 with the NVIDIA Quadro 5000, you find your mind exploding with possibilities. We found that not only did it allow for things which were previously not available to us, but it had an overall speeding up effect on our workflow. This meant that we were now able to do better (more sophisticated) things, and have it take less man-hours. An overall positive impact on our entire production workflow, which allows for an increase in projects through the pipeline…”, says James Fox, Founder & CEO, Dawnrunner Studios.