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  1. Grand Haven schools launched a 1:1 initiative to ensure equitable technology access and more student engagement, with Dell Chromebooks.

    01 May 2016

    To ensure equitable technology access and increase student engagement, a Michigan K–12 school district launched a 1:1 PC program to transform learning, with 5,300 Dell Chromebooks, helping it save more than $450,000.

  2. Ekimetrics keeps its customer data secure and fosters innovative analytics

    01 May 2016

    A France-based big data company had a growing data warehouse and was struggling to find a backup solution, but with Dell backup and recovery it now easily handles data protection and has the freedom to innovate with reduced risk of data loss.

  3. CloudShape helps clients meet critical security needs with DaaS

    01 Apr 2016

    Technology startup creates new type of Desktop as a Service that can provide 28% cost savings over five years — mixing the ease of third-party services, the security of onsite IT, and the reliability and performance of servers and clients from Dell.

  4. JYSK Nordic brings elegance, style and efficiency to its Active Directory infrastructure

    01 Apr 2016

    An international retailer streamlined a complex Active Directory infrastructure that to gain control of domain admin accounts, naming conventions, and 10,000 users in 1,000 stores across 19 countries.

  5. Durham Region Police Service maintains system efficiency

    01 Mar 2016

    Canadian police department replaces tape-based backup and recovery system with the Dell DR4100 appliance, creating greater IT efficiency by slashing backup times by 75 percent, which enables IT staff to meet their SLAs, while also saving over $50,000.

  6. Queen Mary University of London enhances the student experience with OptiPlex All-in-Ones

    01 Sep 2015

    A university in the United Kingdom sought to improve the student experience in shared IT spaces, rolling out Dell OptiPlex All-in-Ones with help from Dell Services and leasing the devices through Dell Financial Services..

  7. How Dell Does IT: SAP HANA

    01 Apr 2015

    Dell deployed a new business management system based on the Dell SAP HANA® appliance to automate 90 percent of sales reports, equip salespeople with self-service analytical tools and save nearly 50 percent in business intelligence costs.

  8. Customer Success Stories by Industry

    01 Jul 2014

    In this collection of customer stories, learn how Dell solutions are providing innovation to meet the growing demands of specific industries.

  9. Locala Community Partnerships - Infographic

    01 Mar 2014

    A community healthcare services provider increases patient-facing time by 5 per cent and the number of virtual contacts by 20 per cent with Dell.

  10. Jacobs University Bremen

    01 Jun 2013

    Jacobs University Bremen significantly reduces simulation runtimes, gaining an eightfold increase in HPC power, to win new research projects.