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  1. Best Practices when implementing VMware vSphere in a Dell EqualLogic PS Series SAN Environment

    This Technical Report covers Dell™ recommended best practices when configuring a VMware® vSphere™ environment connected to Dell EqualLogic™ PS Series SANs.

  2. Configuring and Installing the EqualLogic Multipathing Extension Module for VMware vSphere 5.x and 4.1 and PS Series SANs

    This Technical Report details the benefits of Dell’s EqualLogic Multipathing Extension Module, MEM, for VMware® vSphere™ 5.x and 4.1, as well the installation and configuration process to provide multipath I/O for high available access to the Dell EqualLogic PS Series SAN. Also covered are a number of overall virtual environment iSCSI design considerations and best practices.

  3. Dell Compellent Storage Center (SC8000) 10,000 Mailbox Exchange 2010 Resiliency Storage Solution

    The solution presented in this document is designed to simulate a large number of mailboxes hosted on highly redundant hardware. Application level redundancy is augmented with redundant storage to create a highly available and fault tolerant solution.

  4. ESG Lab Validation Report: Dell PowerVaultDL4000 Appliance

    This report documents the results of ESG Lab’s hands on testing of the Dell PowerVault DL4000 Backup and Recovery appliance powered by Dell AppAssure software and focuses on the ease of management, fast, reliable operations, and efficiency benefits of the DL4000 which protects both physical and virtual servers, nearly eliminating backup windows to provide recovery assurance and data and application restoration in minutes.

  5. Dynamic business continuity with Dell Compellent Live Volume Solution Brief

    Compellent Live Volume delivers dynamic business continuity, helping enterprises keep applications online and data accessible during planned downtime. With storage no longer tied to a single production SAN, the data centers can avoid planned downtime with zero-downtime maintenance, on-demand load balancing and disaster avoidance.

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  7. Configuring Dell Force10™ S4810 Switches for EqualLogic PS Series

    This document illustrates how to configure Dell™ Force10™ S4810 switches for use with EqualLogic™ PS Series virtualized iSCSI storage using Dell best practices. The recommended configuration uses link aggregation groups (LAGs) for inter-switch connections. Optional steps are provided in section 3 to enable Data Center Bridging (DCB).

  8. CIO Strategies for Storage: Virtualize and automate storage for effective disaster recovery

    A strategy of virtualizing and automating storage can help you overcome the challenges of traditional disaster recovery (DR), help make your recovery more affordable, more flexible and most importantly, more reliable.

  9. Best Practices and Sizing Guidelines for Transaction Processing Applications with Microsoft SQL 2012 using EqualLogic PS Series Storage

    This paper includes the results of a series of storage I/O performance tests and provides capacity planning guidelines and best practices based on those results. These guidelines and best practices describe designing and deploying transaction processing applications with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 using the EqualLogic PS6100XV storage arrays.

  10. Beyond five nines availability: Achieving high availabilty with Dell Compellent Storage Center

    The goal of this paper is to address the origin and meaning of the five nines standard, explore what 99.999% availability can do for an organization and examine how highly available Dell Compellent products offer a different approach to building high availability and data accessibility into enterprise storage environments.