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  1. Help Me Choose: Chassis Configuration R820

    The following are the unique configuration considerations for R820

  2. Help Me Choose: graphics

    NVIDIA GeForce graphics offer supercharged performance in high-definition (HD) video playback and enhancements, high-resolution photo editing, accelerated web browsing, immersive 3D content and next-generation gaming.

  3. Help Me Choose: Support package

    Meet your extended family of services. Your Dell purchase is an investment and you want to protect it. No matter what you need, there’s a Dell service to help you get it.

  4. Help Me Choose: Carrying Cases

    Accidents happen all too often to laptop computers. Drops, bumps and other disasters can occur during even the shortest of commutes.

  5. Help Me Choose: Operating Systems

    This article provides recommendations for selecting an operating system for your computer.

  6. Help Me Choose: Dell Precision Carrying Case

    Carry and protect your Dell Precision mobile workstation in style with our custom designed cases and carrying sleeve from Timbuk2.