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  1. Help Me Choose: Memory

    Random Access Memory (RAM) — commonly known as system memory — is the temporary storehouse for the data flowing to and from your computer’s central processing unit (CPU).

  2. Help Me Choose: Graphics

    NVIDIA GeForce graphics offer supercharged performance in high-definition (HD) video playback and enhancements, high-resolution photo editing, accelerated web browsing, immersive 3D content and next-generation gaming.

  3. Help me choose: Memory (RAM)

    Dell is a direct partner to businesses and consumers, which delivers innovative technology and services.

  4. Help Me Choose: Intel® Processor

    The processor, or the brain of your PC, manages all the critical information and instructions that enable your PC to run applications and other operations.

  5. Help Me Choose: Dell ProSupport Proactive Systems Management

    Streamline the maintenance of your IT infrastructure with secure Web-based monitoring and remote support tools.

  6. Help Me Choose: Display

    Dell offers high definition+ (HD+) and full high-definition (FHD) LCDs on select XPS systems. The HD+ and FHD LCDs have higher resolution and with higher resolution, you can have more pixels on your LCD panel than traditional displays.