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  1. Step up performance with a campus network upgrade

    Changing traffic patterns and bandwidth-intensive workload demands make a convincing case for modernization. Standards-based switches enable IT organizations to easily add capacity and innovative functionality into existing wired and wireless networks.

  2. Evolving shared infrastructure in large data centers

    Massive data workloads for high-performance computing, Web 2.0, online gaming and cloud-based applications call for high-density, power-efficient scale-out systems. Dell PowerEdge C8000 series servers help advance scale-out computing innovation.

  3. Deploying a virtual distributed switch to centralize network management

    Legacy networks and inflexible resource allocation hinder large-scale virtualization. Pairing the VMware vSphere Distributed Switch feature with Intel Virtualization Technology for Connectivity optimizes management of storage and virtual networks.

  4. Laying the foundation for secure application delivery

    Application delivery to any device anywhere amid rising vulnerabilities is forever changing the IT landscape. F5 Networks offers a holistic platform of strategic-awareness points for connecting end users to optimized resources on Dell infrastructure.

  5. Enhancing server performance and scalability with solid-state drives

    Performance and scalability are key considerations for organizational data centers that span remote or branch offices. Dell PowerEdge servers equipped with Samsung solid-state drives help advance application workload efficiency and scale for growth.

  6. Streamlining basic hardware management

    For administrators looking to reduce the complexity of hardware management, Dell OpenManage Essentials provides an easy-to-use, customizable console for managing Dell hardware—including servers, storage, and switches.

  7. Anywhere, anytime remote server management

    Intensifying data center virtualization efforts are driving the need for effective remote server management. An all-in-one, out-of-band embedded systems management option from Dell helps simplify the remote management of Dell PowerEdge servers.

  8. Gaining holistic insight into enterprise networks

    By offering employees, contractors, and suppliers tolerant access to the network, enterprises can boost productivity extensively. The Dell SonicWALL Application Traffic Analytics suite offers granular visibility for managing network data flow.

  9. Unlocking server efficiency with Windows Server 2012 features

    Server power efficiency and memory error containment are two key enhancements in the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 OS. Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers are designed to help organizations take advantage of these important features.

  10. Planning for a smooth upgrade to Windows Server 2012

    Dell PowerEdge servers are engineered to capitalize on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 features offering enhanced performance, the virtualized backbone for private clouds, the power to run advanced applications, and efficient mobile device services.