The Dell difference

Unleashing efficiency through customer-driven innovation

The entire history of Dell is built on standardizing technology — we don’t own a proprietary stack or encourage endless consulting engagements — and working directly with customers. We have the flexibility, the experience and the relationships to build the right technology stack for you customers based on your business needs.

You've told us you want:

  • Flexibility — You want to be able to respond more rapidly to changing business needs.
  • Amazing features — You don't want to be locked into yesterday's technology.
  • Ease of management — You want to focus on innovation, not maintenance.
  • The best possible power and cooling performance — You (or your shareholders) want to be green.

We listened, and it shows in our products.

Fitting in, not taking over

From the ground up, we design our blade solutions to work with the infrastructure and technology you already have. Our blade solutions work with your existing management tools, interconnect choices and switch vendors, enabling you to leverage your existing expertise and investment. We don't lock you into proprietary tools and processes.

Our focus on the latest technologies, combined with our vendor-neutral design philosophy, helps protect your investment today and into the future.

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