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The classroom of today is evolving at phenomenal speed. Institutions are moving to blended learning environments, using technology to extend learning far beyond the limits of traditional lecture halls. Online learning tools, such as lecture capture, are essential to making this possible.

Lecture capture technology provides a platform for instructors to record or stream lectures and integrate presentations, videos and other multimedia materials to complement the lectures. Students can stream these live or recorded lectures on their own time, from any location using a variety of mobile devices. Collaborative features — such as email and live chat — allow students to interact directly with instructors and classmates.

Lecture capture technologies can help institutions:

  • Ease overcrowding from over-enrollment since students do not have to be physically present to access lectures and interact with professors.
  • Improve learning outcomes and graduation rates with flexible learning options that give students access to specific content when they need it.
  • Encourage student collaboration among themselves and with instructors through interactive tools.
  • Recruit students by offering differentiated education solutions that enable students to learn and engage anywhere, at any time.
  • Generate new streams of revenue through distance learning offerings.

Deciding to implement a lecture capture solution is only the first step. Every institution has its own unique goals, budget and IT requirements.

Dell is your single source for all of your lecture capture needs. Dell can help you:

  • Design a lecture capture solution that for your needs and budget.
  • Select the best lecture capture technology for you from one of our proven partners.
  • Implement the solution based on proven Dell reference architectures that ensure it will easily integrate in your IT environment.
  • Create a scalable IT infrastructure at an affordable price with our servers, networking and optimized storage.
  • Support your lecture capture solution on an ongoing basis.

To find out more about how Dell can help your institution adopt lecture capture, contact a Dell representative today.

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    Dell Lecture Capture Solution


    Enable recording, digital conversion and online file sharing of audio, video and other presentation materials for your classroom activities using Dell Lecture Capture solution.

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