High performance computing storage solutions

Big data can mean big storage. Do you have data you must keep long term for analysis or research, or to meet regulatory requirements? If so, you may be searching for a low cost, flexible storage solution that is disk-based, tape-based or a combination of both.

Consider the Dell™ High-Performance Computing Tiered Storage Solution (HTSS). The Dell HTSS is a tiered storage management solution that is created to work with the Dell High Performance Computing (HPC) solution. The Dell HTSS is a flexible, hierarchical storage management (or HSM) solution for storing rarely used data. However, this solution is not only for long-term storage for archival data. The HTSS can also be used as inexpensive data storage for any type of infrequently accessed data.

The HTSS with the DX Object Storage Platform (DX) Integration storage offering includes everything in one package: hardware, software, a file system, spare drives and Dell ProSupport™. Additionally, Dell Professional Services can install and configure your new HTSS for you and arrange for training.

Learn more about the HTSS from our information resources that contain advice on topics from best practices to configuration, and more.

Made for each other: HTSS and Dell hardware

You have choices with an HTSS solution from Dell. Select the configuration that is the best fit for your business.

  • Dell HPC NFS Storage Solutions (NSS) provides superior performance and is optimized for throughput because it is based on our building block approach with Dell PowerEdge™ servers and Dell PowerVaultTM storage platforms. We provide this solution as one complete package with hardware, software, a file system, spare drives and Dell ProSupport™.
  • PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance Get fast, easy data protection with the Dell™ PowerVault™ DL Disk-Based Backup Appliance powered by CommVault®. This integrated backup-to-disk appliance enables you to start protecting your critical data in less than 30 minutes.
  • Object storage Select from four Dell DX storage platforms: the Dell DX6000, Dell DX6000G, Dell DX6004S, Dell DX6012S, depending on your deployment needs. The Dell DX series storage solutions are massively scalable and designed to access, store, protect and distribute fixed digital content intelligently. 
  • Tape storage Options are available from the Dell PowerVault™ ML6000 Tape Library, of which you can select from the ML6010, the ML6062 or the ML6030 tape libraries.  
Compute Cluster


The Dell HTSS implementation provides you with a data migration solution that moves data from one storage tier to another. The administrator creates migration policies for data moves from several options, with the following two methods as the most common:

  • As a hierarchical storage manager (HSM), where a stub file is left on the originating tier for the users. From a user perspective, nothing has happened to file. If the user touches the data to read or edit it, then all of the data is recalled from the lower tier to the primary storage tier.
  • As an archival solution, where the data is moved to a different tier with no stub file left behind at the originating tier. From a user perspective, the file is gone from the original tier and a different recall mechanism must be used to retrieve the data.

Key Features

  • Best practices and recommended configurations Configurations and best-practice recommendations from Dell are available to help you configure and tune your storage system for optimal performance.
  • Extendable storage options in addition to a primary disk Options include tape ($/GB), disk (final storage target or cache) or object-based storage.
  • User access to data and applications Data looks the same, even though the data has been moved to a lower tier, and applications and files function like before. A stub, typically the metadata, remains on the primary storage while the data blocks are moved to the other tier.
  • Transparent recall User data is recalled automatically by accessing the metadata on the primary storage whenever it is needed by the user or an application. There may be a slight delay while the data is recalled from the lower tier to the primary tier.
  • Data protection Data protection can take several forms. Multiple copies of the migrated data blocks can be kept within the lower tier for safety, where the administrator controls the number of copies. Alternatively, the metadata is duplicated in both the primary and secondary tier. This approach supports data restoration from the lower tier with a simple scan if the primary tier fails (as a failover).
  • Policy-based migration Policy combinations are available and easy to create. Choose from several policies for data migration, such as by file time (access, creation or update time), file size or file system utilization.
  • Data holds allowed for other reasons Examples include a data hold for legal or compliance reasons.
  • Supplementary ability to create an archive Data does not appear on the file system, but it can still be accessed via administrator-defined methods. The Dell PowerVault™ ML tape libraries also support automatic data compression. The level of data compression depends upon the data type.
  • Optional primary file system backup
  • Optional data compression, deduplication and encryption
  • Superior customer support Experienced Dell, Red Hat and CommVault customer support professionals fully support all the software and hardware components. The standard offering includes three years’ of support for the complete solution.
  • Scalable capacity and performance We build in very scalable capacity, that starts with as little as 100TB and sizes up to multiple petabytes for complete configurations. Scalable performance is only limited by the network capacity between the primary tier and the backend storage.

How to order

Contact your Dell sales representative to discuss which offering would be best for your environment. You can order any of the preconfigured solutions or request customizations to meet your specific needs.