Our solution partner Finantix is among the top wealth management advisory solutions providers. Finantix provides the core advisory engine and tablet applications in our Wealth Management Advisory Solution.

Key software modules in the solution include:

  • Financial planning and advisory module ― Captures every aspect of the advisory life cycle, such as initial client prospecting and onboarding; financial planning and implementation; and a review process to monitor and adjust financial plans. This module shows a consolidated view of multicurrency assets, liabilities and cash flows and provides investment advice in compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Customer engagement module ― Supports face-to-face interactions with clients, sales support, interactive advice and status reviews.
  • Sales support and opportunity management module ― Improves customer retention through centralized campaigns and individual campaigns with automatic rollups. Enhances customer acquisition through opportunity generation using forecasting, asset/revenue estimates and pipeline management.
  • Customer relationship management ― Provides a relationship-centric repository of all client information with a single view of customers, prospects, their assets and their liabilities.

The following features distinguish our solution from others on the market:

  • Rich functionality to support all financial needs and life stages ― addresses the aggregated customer position; allocates and tracks assets; transacts on all investment products; optimizes investment strategies and tax implications; and has sophisticated monitoring and alerting capabilities.
  • Multichannel delivery ― works with existing front- and back-end systems and allows you to extend delivery to multiple channels and devices.
  • On-the-go access to critical applications and data ― improves advisors’ face-to-face client interactions through an ideal combination of tablets and applications.
  • Smart global capability ― manages wealth in developed and emerging economies alike, while addressing the unique regulatory and tax regimes of each.
  • Modular approach ― uses componentized approach (true service-oriented architecture, or SOA) so that you can strategically fill gaps in the solution set. We don’t require you to “rip and replace” in order to get the features you need.

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