What do you do when you can’t afford to customize?
Managing end-user laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets just isn’t worth its toll on your in-house resources. No one wants to recruit, train and retain staff for a noncore competency, but managed services means customization and customization is expensive.

Dell Simplified End-User Managed Services give you another option: a bundled service solution that is predictable and cost contained, includes everything you need and covers your entire multivendor environment. Now that’s simple — and suddenly managed services are a luxury you can afford after all.

Reclaim resources to improve IT efficiency.
An extension to Dell Simplified Service Desk, Dell Simplified End-User Managed Services allows you to off-load the daily grind of end-user management to Dell. You focus on taking care of business while we focus on taking care of service levels, asset management, compliance, service desk and on-site support. That means you can invest into growth, not maintenance.