Data Centre Virtualization

Start by identifying where you are on the journey. Use the self-assessment questions and next steps below for guidance. Then work with a Dell expert to thoroughly assess your needs, define next steps and take virtualization to the next level.

Wherever you are in your virtualization process, we can help you.

Stage 1: 0% - 20% virtualized

Increase IT utilization by driving virtualization and consolidation across the data center.

  • How many servers are virtualized? How old are they?
  • Do current storage and network technologies scale to meet demand?
  • Is it easy to integrate new technologies with existing IT?
  • Are proprietary solutions limiting future IT options?
Next steps:
  1. Acquire tools to extend virtualization.
  2. Use the Dell Networking white paper on moving to 10GbE to ensure your networks are 10g Ethernet optimized for east-west traffic.
  3. Consult the following white papers for help upgrading and virtualizing servers and storage:
    • Choosing the right servers for enterprise virtualization
    • Efficient Storage Strategies for Virtualized Data Center
  4. Provide high-speed backup, replication and recovery of VMware® and physical Windows Server® environments.
Regardless of your company size, business demands or IT strategy, or virtualization stage, we can help you transform your data center into a dynamic IT environment. You can start with the Virtualization Readiness Assessment Data Sheet.
Stage 2: 20% - 50% virtualized

Unify data center management by reducing redundant tasks. Centralize and standardize management.

  • Are your administrators manually managing your IT?
  • Does server, storage and network management require multiple tools?
  • Have you organized and consolidated data into tiered and virtual storage solutions?
  • Have you had a Dell Virtualization Health Check?
Next steps:
  1. Identify application and virtual machine dependencies.
  2. Integrate/join existing solutions (VMware and Microsoft).
  3. Adopt software defined networking
  4. Put storage protection, retention, high availability / disaster recovery solutions in place.
  5. Converge IT management.

We can help you optimize data center management. Work with our virtualization experts.

Stage 3: ~50% virtualized

Improve data center agility/responsiveness by automating processes and adding self-service. Consider cloud delivery.

  • Do you deliver IT as a service or as self-service?
  • How many hypervisors do you manage or want to manage?
  • How long does it take to provision a virtual machine (VM)?
  • Have you considering building a private cloud?
Next steps:
  1. Automate workload provisioning and deployment
  2. Optimize efficiency with performance analysis and monitoring tools.
  3. Deploy and/or test private cloud infrastructure.

We can help you optimize data center agility and responsiveness. Work with our virtualization experts.

Stage 4: > 50%

Deliver IT seamlessly and securely by fully transitioning to service delivery models.

  • Have you considered leveraging the cloud for short term projects?
  • Are some periods throughout the year busier than others?
  • Does the demand on your IT resources fluctuate unexpectedly?
  • Can your current network power cloud & non-cloud workloads?
  • How do you protect your data ― from end points to the cloud?
Next steps:
  1. Establish a unified cloud management strategy.
  2. Deploy cloud security and storage integration strategy.
  3. Shift applications and data to cloud-based models.
  4. Use public cloud services.

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We can help you seamlessly transition to a service-centric IT delivery model. Work with our virtualization experts.