Digital Business Services

Enabling digital transformation for your business

Let Dell Services help you adopt digital and transformative technology across your enterprise through our Digital Business Services. We offer a comprehensive set of services and intellectual property built around analytics, mobility, social media and cloud.

Through an effective approach that combines consulting and technology services, we help you decide the digital strategies and technologies best suited for your business transformation. We can help you revise your IT architectures, re-engineer business processes and choose the right technologies to put digital solutions at the core of your business to grow and create new revenue models.

Our services:
  • Business Consulting enables you to streamline and optimize your processes for digital adoption
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics turns your data into actionable insights
  • Mobility services help you minimize the challenge and complexity of implementing a mobility strategy
  • Social Media services help you create and implement the right strategy for social media success
  • Cloud Application services help you assess, migrate, build and integrate your existing and new applications portfolio on the cloud


  1. Business Consulting

    Business Consulting

    We can create a strategic roadmap for your business to help you streamline operations, be more efficient, and grow


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    Dell Digital Transformation Consulting

    Helping companies put digital at the core of their business.


  1. Business Intelligence Services

    BI Analytics, Consulting & Intelligence

    Get the information you need to make fast, fact-based decisions. Partner with Dell to develop a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) strategy.

  2. Dell | Cloudera Hadoop Services

    Dell | Cloudera Hadoop Services

    Dell offers a comprehensive approach to data analysis from large data sets with the open-source Cloudera Apache Hadoop framework in a scalable solution.

  3. bi-reporting

    BI Reporting & Analytics Modernization

    Become more competitive and improve ROI with Dell Business Reporting and Analytics Modernization Services (BI RAMP).

  4. Dell Services for SAP HANA

    Dell SAP HANA Services

    Accelerate analysis of critical business information with Dell's innovative portfolio of end-to-end solutions for SAP HANA in-memory database and applications, including hardware, software and services.

  5. Master Data Management Services

    Master Data Management Services

    Whether it's shared internally or externally, your data needs to be accurate and up to date.


  1. Big Data Intelligence

    Big Data Business Intelligence Consulting

    Take full advantage of the power of data to improve decision making and gain critical insights with our Big Data Business Intelligence Consulting services. This data sheet provides an overview of the service and benefits.

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    Information Management in the Digital Age


    Blurring industry boundaries, and increased mergers and acquisitions Organizations are making a radical shift in the services they provide — many either crossing into new territory to provide services from adjacent industries or to create offers that didn’t previously exist

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    Dell Star Ratings for Quality Improvement


    Improve your Star performance with a targeted engagement program, driven by innovative insights into patient care.Reach for the stars with our best-in-class, endto- end services for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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    Information management infographics


    Take a business-first approach to information management with Dell Digital Business Services

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    Cloud Foundry Data Sheet Digital Business Services


    Accelerate business processes, reduce costs, build responsive IT and deliver innovation on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform.Dell consultants can help you envision, enable and execute your journey to adopting PaaS

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    Dell Advanced Analytics Digital Business Services


    71 percent of firms are actively using analytics in everyday decision-making or are exploring opportunities to do so, with more than 57 percent believing that their analytics maturity is medium or low.

  7. The role of big data and advanced analytics in business today

    The role of big data and advanced analytics in business today


    Dell Digital Business Services can help you understand and structure your data so you can measure, analyze and improve business processes.

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    Artificial Intelligence and Analytics


    Learn how Artificial Intelligence is being adopted by industries globally backed by superior analytics tools and methodologies


  1. Dell Application Migration to the Cloud

    Dell Cloud Application Development and Migration to the Cloud

    Create applications for various cloud platforms and migrate your existing applications to the cloud.


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    Dell Cloud Application Integration Services

    The cloud can simplify the integration of your diverse applications. This data sheet provides an overview on application integration and how it works for you.

  2. Maintain a secure environment for your critical applications with our robust and comprehensive security solutions

    Maintain a secure environment for your critical applications with our robust and comprehensive security solutions


    Enterprise applications are constantly under new threats. Dell Application Security services provide comprehensive security services that can help your business enforce highly effective security measures for your mission-critical applications.

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    Dell Application Migration to the Cloud Datasheet


    Reduce time to market and go live quickly with our services for application migration to the cloud.

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    Dell Cloud Application Strategy Workshop Datasheet


    Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we can implement the right cloud solution to help you meet your business goals.


  1. Mobility Services

    Dell Mobility Application Services

    Make mobile solutions work for your business

  2. Mobile Development

    Windows 8 Mobile Development Services

    Our Windows 8 services include consulting, development, security assessment maintenance and support. Let us help catch the next wave of Windows 8 application development

  3. User Experience

    Mobile User Experience (UX) Workshop

    Fast-paced mobility development requires a tried and tested UX design process to deliver faster results. We can help you with our User Experience (UX) workshop. Learn more today.


  1. Digital technologies are driving a new generation of telehealth

    Digital technologies are driving a new generation of telehealth

    The concept of telemedicine may have originated more than 40 years ago, but today digital technologies of mobile, advanced analytics and the internet of things are re-inventing telehealth as a frontline strategy for expanding access and lowering costs. Find out more in this white paper.

  2. mHealth Regulations

    mHealth Regulations

    Mobile health, or mHealth, is changing the way clinicians and patients interact with technology. Know more about mhealth in this white paper, which details current regulations and guidelines that address requirements for mobile health in various regions.

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    Make mobile solutions work for your business


    Businesses are keen to adopt mobility solutions, but often find it difficult to overcome challenges. They struggle to meet the need for greater user productivity while minimizing investment and support costs, and successfully addressing security concerns. And if a company is global, the need to create a consistent, worldwide mobility strategy compounds the problem.

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    Dell Windows 8 Mobile Application Services - Brochure

    Helping you build Windows 8 apps for your enterprise.

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    Ensuring Mobile Application Security


    This white paper dicusses application security and enterprise vulnerability and outlines best practices to ensure security in mobile application development.


  1. Social Media Services

    Social Media Services for Business

    From brand awareness to customer experience, social media is crucial to your company’s reputation. Dell helps you embed social media through Social Media Consulting, Social Media Insights and Social Media Workshops.

  2. Social Media Intelligence

    Social Media Insights

    Data and analytics to help you make informed social media decisions

  3. Social Media Consulting

    Social Media Consulting

    Proven end-to-end social solutions for social media success.

  4. Social Media Collaboration

    Social Media Workshops

    Working together to implement social media best practices.