Enterprise Operating Systems

Operating Systems — The Heart of the Efficient Enterprise

For many IT professionals, the choice of operating system is a defining one. And in today's large enterprise, it is a choice that can impact the very survival of your business — especially if you're using a proprietary system that siphons off more and more of your IT budget with no appreciable gains in performance. 

Dell understands this challenge and stands ready to help you unleash the efficiency of your enterprise with open source solutions that can standardize, simplify and automate your IT.

So let your business thrive. Let Dell show you how.
  1. Dell and Microsoft: Data center virtualization

    With Dell | Microsoft management and virtualization solutions, you can take an approach that simplifies virtualization management, reduces costs and removes barriers to cloud adoption.

  2. An Operating System Powerhouse

    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Release 2 delivers powerful new functionality for improved efficiency and a better end-user experience.

  3. Simplifying Government: It Can Be Done

    "The Dell Early Adopter program was certainly effective, and we are well-positioned to take full advantage of Windows Server 2008." –IT Manager, Large Government Agency

  4. Tested and Validated Systems

    Dell delivers you a fully engineered, holistic solution including a portfolio of services to simplify Microsoft Windows Server 2008 adoption.

  5. Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to Windows Server 2008 Release 2

    Windows Server 2008 Release 2 can help you and your enterprise reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies.

  6. EBZ Group

    01 Jul 2012

    Systems provider saves around €180,000 a year with virtualized server and storage architecture, improving management and reducing energy consumption by around 25 percent.

  7. Reference Architectures for Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

    01 Mar 2012

    The Dell reference architectures for Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 (WMS 2011) are designed to meet various numbers of users, types of tasks and workloads.

  8. Microsoft Windows Server 2008

    01 Jun 2011

    At Dell, we can help you migrate to Windows Server 2008 quickly and efficiently. The Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 was designed for enterprise needs.

  9. Using Windows Server digital certificates

    28 Jul 2010 By : Tom Henderson

    Windows servers, especially Windows 2008, offer strong certificate servers for those occasions when you need to manage network certificates. Here are tips on how to use Windows Server Certificates, and when third-party certificates might be better.

  10. Reliable. Flexible. Scalable.

    Dell and Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

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