PowerEdge FX architecture

Redefining data center agility with software-defined convergence

PowerEdge FXCombine efficient management with flexible IT building blocks of servers, storage and networking to optimize for both modern and legacy workloads, bridging from a traditional data center to one that’s software defined. Gain new efficiencies with the FX2 chassis that shares cooling, power, networking and PCI expansion slots, resulting in dynamic, workload-optimized IT that redefines data center agility.

Watch this video for an overview of the innovative FX converged architecture.

Workload optimization
Easily fit your infrastructure to your workloads with “bite-sized” modular blocks of computing resources:
  • Tailor IT infrastructure with precise computing power, storage and connectivity.
  • Scale from single socket microservers up to high-performance 4-socket servers within a 2U rack chassis.
  • Use any style of storage — SAN, DAS or software defined — including in-chassis direct-attached FX storage blocks.
Workload optimization

Data center efficiency
With FX in place, you can scale workloads on demand and add resources incrementally — without the expense and inefficiency of overprovisioning — and be ready for modern workloads with:
Data Center Efficiency
  • Dense virtualization — with up to 16 processors in 2U, or the ability to support large storage pools or scale-out Hadoop environments for Big Data analysis.
  • Optional IO Aggregator modules — to simplify cabling complexity, enhance “east/west” traffic within the chassis and provide easy LAN/SAN convergence — saving time and costs.

Simplified management
Dell OpenManage streamlines the management of converged infrastructure.
  • Simplify building and managing data centers and private clouds by combining enterprise-level systems management with modular, converged infrastructure.
  • Ensure management consistency and maintain the management style that suits your data center and staff — manage at the server, chassis or rack level.
  • Deploy and provision servers faster and automate daily operations with the agent-free lifecycle management of iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller and the Dell Chassis Management controller.
Simplified Management
Talk to a Dell expert to learn more about the FX architecture.