Distance Learning

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High school students in Idaho spend a class period touring the Louvre. Elementary school students in New York City collaborate on a science project with students in Latvia. Middle school students in Kentucky learn about the Parthenon from a noted archeology professor in Greece.

With distance learning, teachers can bring the world into the classroom — and send their students out into the world.

Dell will help your school district implement a distance learning solution that enables you to stream live events, foster collaboration with students and educators across the globe, and conduct other activities that facilitate real-time interaction. 

Our end-to-end solution includes presales consulting services, hardware and software solutions, delivery and installation, and professional learning to make each videoconferencing implementation seamless.

Dell’s distance learning solutions allow you to:
  • Partner with cultural institutions and universities to bring content to the classroom or take students on interactive virtual field trips.
  • Exchange resources, lectures or subject-matter expertise with other institutions.
  • Collaborate on projects with other schools or classes in remote locations.
  • Run cost-effective professional learning or administrative meetings with other school districts without travel cost or environmental impact.

Get in touch with a Dell representative now to discuss the best distance learning solutions for your district.

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