Professional Learning

To prepare students for college and careers in the digital age, teachers and administrators need to effectively integrate technology into their daily teaching practices — and that requires professional learning.

As school districts migrate to blended learning environments, they must deliver technology-focused professional learning programs that serve this need. This is key to ensuring classroom technologies, including systems powered by Intel, are living up to their promise of fostering a collaborative, creative and personalized learning environment for each student.

The Dell Professional Learning Services team works with districts to develop customized outcome-based learning programs, incorporating one-on-one instruction, coaching and modeling, and sharing sessions for teachers and district leaders.

For each engagement, the Dell team follows a step-by-step approach:

  • Assess: Using diagnostics, surveys and other tools, our education specialists create a comprehensive needs assessment with defined outcomes.
  • Design: Based on the assessment, the Dell team helps the district develop a plan with an approach adapted from standards established by Learning Forward (formerly the National Staff Development Council) that incorporates three development categories: experiences, training and professional development.
  • Implement: Our education consultants work with the district to implement the plan on a schedule that fits with other technology initiatives. All of our consultants have many years of classroom instruction experience and are well-versed in the International Society of Technology and Education’s (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for students and teachers.
  • Evaluate and monitor: Throughout the program, we collect data and monitor outcomes to ensure the program meets key milestones and desired outcomes.

To find out more about Dell Professional Learning Services, please contact your Dell sales representative at 1-800-283-6633.

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  1. Professional learning

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