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The way students learn is fundamentally changing. A flexible, blended classroom model is replacing the one-size-fits-all classroom approach that was confined to set hours and locations. Teachers are using digital technologies to engage students with more personalized learning experiences. Students are collaborating across geographical boundaries, and consuming and producing innovative education-related content.

Dell provides educational technology solutions, powered by Intel, that support this next-generation learning environment and drive successful student outcomes.

K-12 Solutions Spotlight

Education Data Management Education Data Management

Make education data actionable for students and teachers, and use it to track student progress, personalize learning, improve efficiency and meet reporting requirements.
Assistive Technology Assistive Technology

Ensure that all students have the right tools to reach their full potential when you use Dell as your single source for selecting, implementing and supporting assistive learning programs.
Mobile Learning Mobile Learning

Unlock the promise of anytime, anywhere access to learning with the right mobile devices and tools to manage, access and virtualize your mobile environment.
Efficient IT Planning Efficient IT Planning

Create a foundation that supports your district’s personalized and blended learning goals when you work with Dell to assess, design, build and support your IT infrastructure.

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